The following procedures govern the creation of new continuing CUPE/ APSA/ APEX staff positions for all Faculties and VPA Units:

  • delegated authority approval matrix lists the changes below
  • Off cycle hires can continue to be made at any time.
  • Creation of new CUPE and APSA positions up to and including Grade 8 will not require the Provost’s approval. Approval at the Dean/AVP level is sufficient.
  • Increase in hours (e.g., part-time to full-time) for an existing continuing position regardless of grade or level will not require Provost approval.
  • Creating a new APEX/ APSA position (Grade 9 or above) as a result of inactivating a comparable existing continuing position will continue to require VPA Office approval.
  • Conversion of temporary to continuing positions for APEX/ APSA positions at Grade 9 or above will require VPA Office approval.
  • Creation of new APEX/ APSA positions at Grade 9 or above will require VPA Office approval.
  • Total staff numbers (continuing and temporary) will be reported annually and monitored each semester.
  •  Annually, the VPA Office will require a report of your temporary and continuing staff numbers and an organizational chart outlining your senior staffing highlighting any new positions approved throughout the year on this chart. The staffing report is usually due at the VPA Office every September.

For those positions requiring VPA approval (APEX/ APSA at Grade 9 or above), please send the following documents via email to for consideration. Note that incomplete submissions may result in a delay in approvals:

1) Memo from the Dean/ AVP providing relevant information about the new continuing position.

2) Signed HR compensation requisition form, which can be downloaded here.

    Note that Section E (For Faculties and VPA Units Only) should be completely filled out and the form must be signed by the Dean or Associate Vice-President.      This section and VPA approval is only required for CONTINUING APEX/APSA AT GRADE 9 OR ABOVE.

3) Current or proposed job description of the new position requested

For those positions that do not require VPA approval (CUPE and APSA 8 or below or temporary APSA/CUPE positions), you can send the request directly to HR for processing. You will not need to complete the VPA section of the HR compensation request form.

For questions regarding the HR process, please refer to the Human Resources website.


Questions regarding the VPA approval process can be directed to Sara Du, Associate Director, Budget and Operations at the VPA Office:
Phone: 778-782-5745