VPA Staff Directory

Academic Planning

Dr. Jonathan Driver

Vice-President, Academic and Provost pro tem
Email: vpacad@sfu.ca
Phone: 778-782-3925

Dr. Wade Parkhouse

Vice-Provost and Associate Vice-President, Academic
Email: avpacad@sfu.ca
Phone: 778-782-6654

Dr. Zareen Naqvi

Director, Institutional Research and Planning
Email: zareen_naqvi@sfu.ca
Phone: 778-782-3600

Annual Enrollment Plan and Targets; Departmental Profiles; Performance Measures; Space Utilization; Student and Institutional Data; Enrollment Management and Planning (Senate Committee).

Dr. Glynn Nicholls

Director, Academic Planning and Quality Assurance
Email: gnicholl@sfu.ca
Phone: 778-782-6702

Accreditation; External Reviews.

Mary Holmes

Director, Strategic Projects and Analysis
Email: mary_holmes@sfu.ca
Phone: 778-782-6563

Rich Chambers

Accreditation and Special Projects Officer
Email: rich_chambers@sfu.ca
Phone: 778-782-9534

Louise Paquette

Program Assistant, Academic Planning
Email: lpaquette@sfu.ca
Phone: 778-782-8977

Kelli Whittle

Director, University Curriculum and Institutional Liaison
Email: kelli_whittle@sfu.ca
Phone: 778-782-6575

Curriculum Review/Reform; Fraser International College; New Program Approvals; Undergraduate Curriculum; W Seat Funds; University Priorities (Senate Committee).

Bal Basi

Coordinator, University Curriculum and Institutional Liaison
Email: bbasi@sfu.ca
Phone: 778-782-7676


Catherine Stoddard

Executive Director
Email: adminvpa@sfu.ca
Phone: 778-782-4639

Academic Service Contracts; Conference Funding; Decanal Searches;

Rosetta Cannata

Associate Director, Communications and Marketing
Email: vpacomms@sfu.ca
Phone: 778-782-6561

Sara Du

Associate Director, Budget and Operations
Email: vpafin@sfu.ca
Phone: 778-782-5745

Budget, Faculty Renewal Planning, Tri-council Awards, Endowments; Faculty Teaching Fellows; Michael Smith Foundation; Start-up Grant Funding

Melanie Brown

Email: vpa_mgr@sfu.ca
Phone: 778-782-6562

Leslie Techy

Executive Secretary, VPA
Email: vpacad@sfu.ca
Phone: 778-782-3925

Calendar-VPA; Excellence in Teaching Awards; Sterling Prize for Controversy.

Loren Catotal

Executive Secretary, AVPA
Email: avpacad@sfu.ca
Phone: 778-782-6654


Zinnat Ali

Executive Office Assistant
Email: vpaexec@sfu.ca
Phone: 778-782-5731


Information Technology

Mark Roman

Chief Information Officer
Email: mproman@sfu.ca
Phone: 778-237-0135

Teaching and Learning

Dr. Elizabeth Elle

Vice-Provost and Associate Vice-President, Learning and Teaching
Email: avplt@sfu.ca
Phone: 778-782-5433


Executive Secretary, AVP, Learning and Teaching
Email: avp_ltsec@sfu.ca
Phone: 778-782-5433