Instructional Development Group

In 2009, the Task Force on Teaching and Learning (TFTL) envisioned the implementation of a viable teaching and learning support system that enables communication and collaboration, and recognizes and respects the many important roles which contribute to effective teaching and learning at SFU. Key components of phase I of the teaching and learning support system and their interactions are:

1) The VPA’s Committee on Teaching and Learning (VACTL) which includes University Teaching Fellows (UTFs)
2) The Learning and Teaching Coordinating Committee (LTCC)
3) The Instructional Development Group (IDG)

Details on VACTL and the LTCC may be found on their respective webpages. Note: The IDG's name and information below are subject to change as the new committee meets and clarifies its role.


The Instructional Development Group (IDG) is an administrative group formed in the late 1990’s. Being an informal group, it served as a means for communication and collaboration across teaching and learning support units. At times, the IDG operationalized initiatives from the LTCC, such as by examining specific learning technologies. Over time, membership has changed considerably, attendance and representation varies and current IDG members have expressed a desire for a clear mandate and direction.


To recognize the importance of staff communications and collaboration, and to provide a forum for staff from major support units, the Task Force on Teaching and Learning proposed formalizing the IDG as part of the teaching and learning support system. Effective January 2010, the IDG will be a formalized group for staff “on the ground” to communicate and collaborate on matters related to teaching and learning support. It will have broad representation from teaching and learning support units. The IDG will report to the LTCC and will operationalize initiatives from the LTCC. This group will have one official representative from each support unit, although other staff from the same unit may also attend if interested.

The IDG is proposed to:

  1. Identify and communicate needs, concerns, and activities related to teaching and learning support from staff “on the ground” to each unit’s members, the LTCC (above) and thus, to VACTL,
  2. Enable communication and collaboration and foster community among support staff,
  3. Raise and maintain awareness of teaching and learning supports and activities, and
  4. Operationalize VACTL’s or the LTCC’s initiatives requiring cross-support unit collaboration.



Representative or Designate

Chair (from membership below, rotating annually)

Janis McKenzie (Library)

Centre for Educational Technology (Faculty of Education)

Bill Feenstra

Centre for Online and Distance Education            

Adam Young

Continuing Studies: Professional and Community (Vancouver Campus)

Ravi Toor

IT Services, Institutional, Collaborative and Academic Technologies

Keith Fong

Teaching and Learning Centre

Lynda Williams


Janis McKenzie

Student Learning Commons

Amanda Goldrick-Jones

*Student Services, Student and Community Life


* Student Services, Student Learning and Retention

Andrea Sator

Surrey Campus

Adrian Bisek

University Archives

Richard Dancy

* Representatives from Student Services are intended to enable communication and awareness between groups such as Work Integrated Learning, International Students, Students with Disabilities, etc. and other support units. 

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