Phase 2 Task Force on Academic Structure

On December 4, 2006, Senate approved the establishment of the "Phase 2 Task Force on Academic Structure". The Task Force will continue the work of the Faculty Structure Task Force which completed its work at the end of 2006.

Senate has approved a three item mandate for the Phase 2 Task Force including:

  1. an examination of the overall academic unit configuration
  2. an analysis of the structural academic building blocks
  3. and an exploration of ways to enhance interdisciplinary innovation in the future at Simon Fraser University.

The Phase 2 Task Force on Academic Structure will conduct its work during the 2007 calendar year, with hopes of forwarding its final recommendation to Senate by November 30, 2007. The Task Force will be guided by eight principles of assessment approved by Senate and will ensure that its activities are fully transparent and provide extensive opportunity for collegial engagement.

The future of Simon Fraser University will be designed by the members of its community. We look extremely forward to working with all of you on this exciting initiative.

F I N A L    R E P O R T  

February 11, 2008

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View/Print Volume I - Introduction and Background
View/Print Volume II - Major Structural Change
View/Print Volume III - Interdisciplinarity
View/Print Volume IV - Programs, Process and Other Activities
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View/Print Volume VI - Implementation

(December 17, 2007)

View / Print Full Report
View / Print Appendices
View / Print Executive Summary
View / Print Volume I - Introduction and Context
View / Print Volume II - Major Structural Change
View / Print Volume III - Interdisciplinarity
View / Print Volume IV - Programs, Processes and Other Activities
View / Print Volume V - Academic Structural Elements
View / Print Volume VI - Implementation and Process Forward

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