Task Force on Flexible Education

The Task Force on Flexible Education was launched by the Vice-President, Academic, in January 2014. Its mandate is to undertake a comprehensive review of SFU's teaching and learning environment to identify future needs, define short- and longer-term institutional priorities, and develop a strategic plan for implementing and supporting flexible education at SFU.

The nature and key components of flexible education will be defined through a broad community consultation process involving

  • surveys
  • interviews
  • focus groups
  • town hall meetings and,
  • working groups on selected topics.

The overall goal is to position the university to meet the teaching and learning needs of students with increasingly varied demographic profiles and educational objectives.

The Task Force will take a holistic view of SFU’s teaching and learning environment. In addition to exploring the pedagogical landscape, it will scrutinize SFU’s instructional infrastructure, both physical and virtual. Support systems will also be reviewed to ensure that students and instructors enjoy the highest levels of service possible.

Final recommendations will be delivered to the Vice-President, Academic, by June 2015.

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