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As part of the University's commitment to advancing our strategic goals in the area of teaching and learning, the Associate VP, Academic established a new Task Force on Teaching and Learning in June 2008. The Task Force entails collaboration among representatives from a broad range of academic departments, Faculties and support units. The Task Force, with the involvement of the community, will make recommendations on a vision and strategic plan for teaching and learning support systems at SFU. Long-term goals include the alignment of teaching and learning activities with university priorities, and their coordination and integration with other institutional initiatives. More information is available in the links below.

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February 11, 2010: The Task Force on Teaching and Learning has completed its work after reviewing feedback by members of the University community. As a result, 1) the task force's final report is complete; 2) an accompanying FAQ has been written in hopes of addressing some of the questions or comments posed by members of the University community; and 3) the Summary of Recommendations for the VP, Academic has been revised and resubmitted. An executive summary of the task force's report is also available.

An announcement will be made by the VP, Academic indicating the completion of the task force's work and the formation of a temporary VPA's advisory committee. This committee has also reviewed the task force's report and made recommendations to the VPA. The task force's report and the VPA's advisory committee's recommendations are being circulated for discussion at the upcoming meetings of Senate and Senate committees (SCUS, SCUTL, SGSC and SCUP).


VACTL's response to Task Force Recommendations (February 2010)
Task Force Final Report (January 2010)
Task Force FAQ (January 2010)
Task Force Summary of Recommendations to VPA (January 2010, revised)
Task Force Executive Summary (January 2010)

 by the VP, Academic (October 2009)
Summary of Recommendations submitted to VP, Academic (October 2009; pdf)
Draft Recommendations (July 2009)
A point-in-time document describing the intentions of the Working Groups (April 2009)
Interim Report (January 2009; pdf)
Community Participatory Events (January 2009)
Terms of Reference & Membership (September 2008)
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