Distinguished SFU Professors

As a joint initiative of Simon Fraser University’s Vice-President, Academic and Provost and the Vice-President, Research and International, the Distinguished SFU Professor program recognizes SFU research faculty members of distinction who have achieved exceptional performance and distinguished accomplishments relative to their rank and years of service.

2022 Recipients

The 2022 Distinguished SFU Professors are:

Angela Kaida, Faculty of Health Sciences

Jodi Viljoen, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

Isabelle Cote, Faculty of Science

Alanaise Ferguson, Faculty of Education

John Bechhoefer, Faculty of Science

George Nicholas, Faculty of Environment

Judith Zaichkowsky, Faculty of Beedie School of Business

Maite Taboada, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

Gary Wang, Faculty of Applied Sciences

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2021 Recipients 

The 2021 Distinguished SFU Professors are:

Henry Daniel, Faculty of Communications, Art and Technology

Nick Dulvy, Faculty of Science, Marine Biodiversity and Conservation

Martin Ester, Faculty of Applied Sciences, Computer Science

Marianne Ignace, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, Linguistics and Indigenous Studies

Bojan Mohar, Faculty of Science, Mathematics

Betty Schellenberg, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, English

Nathalie Sinclair, Faculty of Education

See the full story about our Distinguished SFU Professors on SFU News. 

2020 Recipients

Richard Zhang, Faculty of Applied Sciences, Computing Science

Diane Gromala, Faculty of Communication, Art and Technology

Phil Winne, Faculty of Education

Kirsten Zickfeld, Faculty of Environment, Geography

Frank Gobas, Faculty of Environment, Resource & Environmental Management

Julian Somers, Faculty of Health Sciences

Zuo-Guang Ye, Faculty of Science, Chemistry

2019 Recipients

Lara Aknin, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, psychology

Fiona Brinkman, Faculty of Science, molecular biology and biochemistry

Mike Hayden, Faculty of Science, physics

Robert Hogg, Faculty of Health Sciences

Mark Jaccard, Faculty of Environment, resource and environmental management

Dal Yong Jin, Faculty of Communication, Art and Technology, School of Communication

Danièle Moore, Faculty of Education

Laurel Weldon, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, political science


Nominations are made by Faculty Deans and university Vice-Presidents. Final selections are made by the VPA and VPRI, using advice received from the Distinguished SFU Professor Advisory Committee.

Please see the Advisory Committee Terms of Reference.

The Advisory Committee members and the faculties they represent are:

  • Professor Laura Marks, Faculty of Communication, Art and Technology
  • Professor Don Estep, Faculty of Science
  • Professor Marlene Moretti, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
  • Professor Sheelagh Carpendale, Faculty of Applied Sciences
  • Professor Clifford Atleo, Faculty of Environment
  • Professor Christina Atanasova, SFU Beedie School of Business
  • Professor Hui Xie, Faculty of Health Sciences
  • Professor David Zandvliet, Faculty of Education


The title of Distinguished SFU Professor recognizes and rewards research faculty of any rank who meet the following criteria:

  • Have a demonstrated and sustained record of distinguished, exemplary accomplishments in their scholarly or creative work/or innovation relative to their rank and stage of their career;
  • Have a national or international reputation;
  • Have achieved pre-eminence in their field while also aligning with the university’s strategic objective and/or emerging priorities; and
  • Have a demonstrated commitment to collegial leadership and to engagement.

Please see the complete list of policies and procedures for this initiative by visiting SFU’s Policies and Procedures website, as well as the program guidelines (including nomination guidelines) and nomination form.

For more information on the nomination and adjudication of the Distinguished SFU Professor initiative, please contact the Vice-President, Academic Office at 778.782.3925 or email vpacad@sfu.ca.