Phases of the Initiative

The work of the Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Initiative Working Group has been planned in phases to keep activities and events moving in a clear, orderly fashion.

Phase 1

The EDI Working Group conducted exploratory work to gather information and advice to inform the process design.

Phase 2

Community awareness of the initiative and the process for input is raised.

Phase 3

Invite all campus community members to participate in exploring issues around belonging, inclusion, fairness, and respect. Gather this input from the community, using it to identify gaps, barriers, concerns and best practices.

Phase 4

Conduct a deeper dive into the themes or topics discovered in Phase 3 while continuing to offer opportunities for open forum discussion and on-line input.

Phase 5

Analyze and further refine the themes raised and test these themes and explore potential action items.

Phase 6

Invite comments on a draft report.

Phase 7

Release of final report.

Related Activities

Since early 2018, members of the Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Working Group have been actively engaged in learning about policies, procedures, initiatives, and activities across the institution. These activities have included:

Meeting with on-campus groups

Engaging in conversations with individuals and on-campus groups to hear their experiences, to learn about the ways in which equity, diversity, and inclusion inform teaching, research, work, and study, and to receive their ideas for addressing systemic barriers. This will continue throughout the community conversation period from Jan. 15 to mid-April 2019. For more information on arranging this type of meeting, contact Krisztina Fulop at

Learning more about the SFU campus community

With the advice of the Advisory Group, we’re working on ways to learn more about the demographic diversity of the university community and the experiences of the people who study, teach and work here. In 2018, the Working Group supported the Office of Associate Vice-President, Students and International to conduct a survey that drew responses from more than 8,000 students. We plan to launch a Census in 2019 to gather better information about the demographic diversity of SFU’s staff and faculty.

Helping further work related to Equity, Diversity and Inclusion already in progress

To help advance SFU’s commitment to reconciliation, we’re supporting the work of the Office of Aboriginal Peoples and the Indigenous Student Centre and working with Faculty Relations and academic units on proactive ways for SFU to attract and support Indigenous scholars, including investigating mentoring program options.

Improving existing processes

Working with Faculty Relations to develop an improved faculty recruitment guide and a more robust implicit bias training program for appointments and other committees. We’ve also started to review the University’s policies and practices to consider the extent to which they align with the values of equity, diversity and inclusion.

Preparing a repository of related resources

In partnership with the SFU Library, members of the Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Working Group collected a suite of resources for advancing equity, diversity and inclusion. The collection includes a range of materials to assist all members of the university community in both understanding and taking action on things that will have a positive effect for many. The repository is now complete and can be found here: EDI Resource Guide.

The Working Group has also developed resources specific to the SFU community, including: