Celebrating and Assessing Teaching Excellence

To foster an institutional culture where the practice of teaching is valued, meaningfully assessed and supported by ongoing development, the Vice-Provost, Learning and Teaching, supports and advances the celebration and assessment of teaching.    

Celebrating teaching

We are raising the profile of teaching by celebrating instructors who inspire their students and colleagues.

  • A new policy on Excellence in Teaching Awards was launched in 2022 to strengthen the reach of this program. The Awards for Excellence in Teaching now include specialized awards, increased monies and greater flexibility in how those monies are received. Read more about the changes in our newsletter article.
  • Launching in 2023, the Network for Excellent Teaching (NET), will provide peer mentorship and support, as well as professional development opportunities determined in collaboration with Awards for Excellence in Teaching winners.

See what teaching excellence looks like ...

To find out about past Award for Excellence in Teaching winners, see our gallery of teaching excellence.

SFU’s faculty teaching fellows are continuing faculty members within each Faculty who support the continued improvement of teaching and learning within the Faculty. Learn more and view a list of your fellows here.

Assessing teaching

We are helping make assessment of teaching a more effective and streamlined process.

See all of the reports produced through the SETC Improvement project, as well as additional background documents informing SFU's approach to assessing teaching on our Past Reports page.