Educational Goals at SFU

At SFU, Educational Goals (EGs) for programs were introduced beginning in 2013 as part of the external review cycle for academic departments. EGs were recommended by the Learning Outcomes and Assessment Working Group “as a means of promoting continuous improvement of courses and programs,” in response to the 2010 call of the Task Force on Teaching and Learning recommending that SFU should “identify and promote a set of attributes that every SFU graduate should possess or be able to demonstrate.”

In 2022, SFU adopted Educational Goals for all undergraduate students, based on the recommendations of a 2018 working group and revisions made by the Senate Committee for University Teaching and Learning. 

If your Department, School, or Faculty is undergoing external review and you’d like support for assessing or revising your Educational Goals, please visit our dedicated website or contact the staff in LEAP (Learning Experiences Assessment and Planning) who can assist you.

The assessment plan for University-level Educational goals is available for your review, and we will post updates on this page as the work continues.

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Report and recommendations

In 2017–2018, the Educational Goals/Learning Outcomes Working Group reviewed SFU’s Educational Goals Initiative.

Report of the Educational Goals/Learning Outcomes Working Group
PDF, May 2018

Recommendations report

Task Force on Teaching and Learning: Recommendations Report
PDF, January 2010