General Education Curriculum Review

Faculty consultation

“Undergraduate Education should enhance students’ knowledge of the subjects they study, and instill attitudes conducive to learning, equip them for life-long learning, prepare them to be citizens of a pluralistic, multicultural, democratic society, and enable them to contribute to a diverse, complex, and highly interdependent world in an ethical manner.” Reviewing and Developing Undergraduate Curricula at SFU, 2002

The General Education Curriculum Committee is now seeking input from faculty members! (We look forward to consulting other members of our university community soon!) We are interested in your thoughts about SFU’s philosophy about undergraduate education, where you think our current general education curriculum is succeeding in supporting our students, and where it might be falling short. There are three ways to contribute your voice.

Three ways to contribute your feedback

Be part of a facilitated conversation

Sign up now for a date in November or early December (limit of eight participants per conversation).

NOTE: This round of facilitated conversations is for faculty members. Additional consultations personalized for other members of the university community will begin in January 2021.

Complete a short survey

Take a survey for faculty members.

The survey end date is Friday, December 11, 2020.

Schedule a consultation for your academic unit

Contact the Project Manager, General Education, to schedule a tailored consultation for your department, school or Faculty.