Experiential Education Inventory

“Experiential education is when learners purposefully engage in direct experience and focused reflection in order to increase knowledge, develop skills, clarify values, and develop learners’ capacity to contribute to their communities.” – Adapted from the Association of Experiential Education

Simon Fraser University values the exceptional student learning experiences that result from experiential education. To understand the diverse landscape of experiential education offerings at SFU, the university launched the Experiential Education Inventory (EEI) project in Spring 2021.

The project aligns with the Student Experience Initiative and the Academic Plan. Its goal is to produce a living inventory of curricular, work-integrated, and co-curricular offerings at SFU.

We hope to create a resource that will help the university—including administrators, faculty members, instructors, and staff members—communicate systematically about experiential education and support student recruitment, advising, and retention. We also want to support the student learning journey by making it easier for students to discover and make decisions about the opportunities available to them.

The success of this project will depend upon broad participation from the university community. Stay tuned for details.

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Criteria for inclusion in the inventory
PDF, March 2021

Experiential education can take many creative forms inside and outside the classroom. This document lays out the criteria for inclusion in the inventory.

Category Descriptions

SFU Experiential Education Categories
PDF, March 2021

Once we have collected a broad sample of experiences, we will seek to categorize them in useful ways. We recognize that there may not always be consensus about terminology and definitions. However, we hope to develop some common language and classifications to help us understand the institutional landscape. This document summarizes some of the considerations in categorizing experiential education.