General Education Curriculum Review

“Undergraduate Education should enhance students’ knowledge of the subjects they study, and instill attitudes conducive to learning, equip them for life-long learning, prepare them to be citizens of a pluralistic, multicultural, democratic society, and enable them to contribute to a diverse, complex, and highly interdependent world in an ethical manner.” – Reviewing and Developing Undergraduate Curricula at SFU, 2002

To ensure that all undergraduate students meet this purpose, SFU has implemented a General Education component to our curriculum. Specifically, SFU requires undergraduates to complete 36 credits of writing, quantitative and breadth (W, Q and B) courses.

In 2020, Simon Fraser University launched the General Education Curriculum Review, a process to explore a forward-looking vision for the general education component of the undergraduate curriculum. The goals include a comprehensive analysis and consideration of the extent to which the WQB model meets SFU’s current and planned curricular and student experience goals, and an evaluation of the support systems available to students, instructors and staff to ensure that students succeed in meeting the general education requirements.

Recommendations and Feedback

* General Education Recommendations For Consultation.pdf
View the Recommendations of the General Education Review Committee, Spring 2022
* Feedback on Draft Recommendations 2022.pdf
View the The General Education Curriculum Review at SFU Consultation on Draft Recommendations, 2022
* General Education Recommendations final 2023.pdf
View the final recommendations of the General Education Curriculum Review Committee. Recommendations were passed by Senate in April of 2023.



Consultation Summary
PDF, Fall 2021


The WQB Landscape at SFU
PDF, Fall 2021


Student Feedback
PDF, Spring 2022

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