Student Surveys

Student voices are an important part of the conversation when the university makes plans and decisions related to learning, teaching and student experiences. Student input often comes from university-wide surveys and consultations. This page highlights special surveys conducted by the Associate VP, Learning & Teaching. The university’s Institutional Research and Planning department also conducts regular student surveys to gather more general information.

Student Online Learning Experiences Survey

The Student Online Learning Experiences (SOLE) Survey (June 22–July 6, 2020) was conducted following the move to remote instruction during the COVID-19 pandemic. It asked students to reflect on what was—and wasn’t—working well in the new learning environment.

View the survey report and infographic.

Learning Experiences Transition Survey

The Learning Experiences Transition Survey for undergraduates (February 24–March 10, 2021) was a follow-up to the SOLE Survey. It invited students to share their priorities as the university began planning the transition to more in-person learning.

A similar survey for graduate students (May 7–20, 2021) is helping us understand the experiences of these important members of our community, who are learners, researchers, and often teachers as well. 

View the undergraduate and graduate survey reports and infographics.