Learning & Teaching at SFU

SFU’s Learning & Teaching at SFU newsletter goes to all faculty members and staff. Read it to find out what’s happening inside and outside of the classroom. 


September 2022
SFU's newly expanded Teaching Excellence Awards | Blended learning: spotlight on SFU’s newest course designation | Talking to students: what are our undergraduates’ hopes, fears and solutions for life at SFU? | 2022 newest faculty teaching fellows | San’yas Anti-Racism Indigenous Cultural Safety Training program 

August 2022
Indigenous Knowledge Systems: Enhancing Teaching and Learning Experiences in Post-Secondary Institution, Jacqueline Ottmann | From day one: faculty share tips on shaping the student experience | The TA Hub | Fall 2022 undergraduates: what to expect | Syllabus resources 

May 2022
Healing from Racism Journey's first year comes to a close | Senate discussion on flexible learning | 2022 Symposium | Summer ISW | Media Studio photos

April 2022
Paola Ardiles wins West Coast Teaching Award | Teaching Excellence Gallery relaunch | 2022 Symposium on Teaching and Learning | CEE Media Studio Open House | Indigenous Curriculum Resources Centre | Lecture recording access

March 2022
Printemps de la Francophonie | CityStudio | SFU Staff Achievement Award goes to CEE | 2021 Excellence in Teaching Award recipients, Diana Cukierman, Sarah Walshaw, Nadine Wicks | Consultation for Policy A32.01: Awards for Excellence in Teaching | VP Academic faculty communications survey

February 2022
Celebrate Multilingual SFU roundup | Where students get their SFU news | SETC surveys | Le Printemps de la Francophonie | Post-secondary townhall with Dr. Bonnie Henry

January 2022 (special issue)
Handling distruptions to in-person classes

January 2022
FUSION Skill Development Program | New blended course scheduling format | SETC Faculty Consultations last call | Open Education Grants program | Support for international teaching assistants | LEAP’s website launch | Celebrate Multilingual SFU schedule


November/December 2021
Kathleen Burke, Leanne Johnson, Kevin Lam, Taco Niet, Ash Parameswaran on their return to in-person teaching | TA Core Competencies project | Tools for Well-Being in the Classroom | 10-week Blended Learning Design series | New resources from CEE

October 2021
SETC (Student Experiences with Teaching and Courses) Improvement Project interview with Elizabeth Elle | Inclusion in the Classroom Week| Educational Goals feedback request | Reports on SFU’s “WQB landscape”

September 2021
Remote learning classrooms | Cookies and conversation: students share how instructors have made them feel welcome | Call for feedback on Educational Goals | New website to support assessment of Educational Goals | New resources for well-being in learning environments | ISTLD and LEAP reporting structure

July 2021
What will the return to campus look like: Q & A with Elizabeth Elle | Nicky Didicher, Marla Eist, Byron Gates, Steven Hill, Peter Hollmann, Kevin Lam, James MacEachern, Miranda Meents, Stephanie Vlachos, Brent Ward, Simon Watkins on the return to in-person instruction | Learning Experiences Transition Survey for Graduate Students results | Teaching assessment framework support | TA/TM self-directed workshop

May 2021
Overview of events at the 2021 Symposium on Teaching and Learning | Updating the criteria and processes for teaching assessment | Introduction of Blended (B) course classification

March 2021
Return to in-person instruction, town hall | How IT Services handled the move to remote instruction | Three projects that support deeper learning for students | 2020 SFU Excellence in Teaching Award recipients | Remote Teaching Forum 2021 | Inclusive and Antiracist Writing Guide

January 2021
Dan Laitsch, Kathleen Burke on academic integrity | SFU’s Academic Integrity Working Group | Examity | Live transcription on Zoom | How Do Institutions and Indigenous Peoples Work Together in Decolonizing and Indigenizing Teaching and Learning Practices? | Remote Teaching Forum 2021


November 2020
Hasina Samji on teaching synchronously | Rob Kitsos on teaching dance remotely | Aida Osian, Lara Aknin, Tara Holland, Nadine Schuurman, Taco Niet on remote teaching | Faculty consultation on General Education Curriculum Review | Thriving Beyond Campuses: Well-being in Learning Environments | COVID-19 Updates on VP Academic's website

September 2020
Nicky Didicher, Sheri Fabian, Sarah Johnson, Kevin Lam, Mark Lechner, Nienke van Houten on moving to remote instruction | Remote instruction resources | Student Online Learning Experiences (SOLE) survey | My Life as an Online University Student | HIVE | IT Services phone number | Invite a librarian to join your Canvas course | Latest COVID-19 bulletins