Learning & Teaching at SFU Newsletter

SFU’s Learning & Teaching at SFU newsletter goes to all faculty members and staff. Read it to find out what’s happening inside and outside of the classroom. 


November 2022

The countdown is on: SFU faculty share their strategies for surviving the end-of-semester rush | Getting student feedback: instructors share tips for increase course experience survey responses | Gino Leblanc renewed for a second term as OFFA's director

October 2022
A new student survey model: the Course Experience surveys | TILT-ing in a new direction: teaching inquiry at SFU | General education review | What is a unit? Improving clarity and consistency in course workload for students

September 2022

SFU's newly expanded Teaching Excellence Awards | Blended learning: spotlight on SFU’s newest course designation | Talking to students: what are our undergraduates’ hopes, fears and solutions for life at SFU? | 2022 newest faculty teaching fellows | San’yas Anti-Racism Indigenous Cultural Safety Training program 

August 2022
Indigenous Knowledge Systems: Enhancing Teaching and Learning Experiences in Post-Secondary Institution, Jacqueline Ottmann | From day one: faculty share tips on shaping the student experience | The TA Hub | Fall 2022 undergraduates: what to expect | Syllabus resources 

May 2022
Healing from Racism Journey's first year comes to a close | Senate discussion on flexible learning | 2022 Symposium | Summer ISW | Media Studio photos

April 2022
Paola Ardiles wins West Coast Teaching Award | Teaching Excellence Gallery relaunch | 2022 Symposium on Teaching and Learning | CEE Media Studio Open House | Indigenous Curriculum Resources Centre | Lecture recording access

March 2022
Printemps de la Francophonie | CityStudio | SFU Staff Achievement Award goes to CEE | 2021 Excellence in Teaching Award recipients, Diana Cukierman, Sarah Walshaw, Nadine Wicks | Consultation for Policy A32.01: Awards for Excellence in Teaching | VP Academic faculty communications survey

February 2022
Celebrate Multilingual SFU roundup | Where students get their SFU news | SETC surveys | Le Printemps de la Francophonie | Post-secondary townhall with Dr. Bonnie Henry

January 2022 (special issue)
Handling distruptions to in-person classes

January 2022
FUSION Skill Development Program | New blended course scheduling format | SETC Faculty Consultations last call | Open Education Grants program | Support for international teaching assistants | LEAP’s website launch | Celebrate Multilingual SFU schedule


November/December 2021
Kathleen Burke, Leanne Johnson, Kevin Lam, Taco Niet, Ash Parameswaran on their return to in-person teaching | TA Core Competencies project | Tools for Well-Being in the Classroom | 10-week Blended Learning Design series | New resources from CEE

October 2021
SETC (Student Experiences with Teaching and Courses) Improvement Project interview with Elizabeth Elle | Inclusion in the Classroom Week| Educational Goals feedback request | Reports on SFU’s “WQB landscape”

September 2021
Remote learning classrooms | Cookies and conversation: students share how instructors have made them feel welcome | Call for feedback on Educational Goals | New website to support assessment of Educational Goals | New resources for well-being in learning environments | ISTLD and LEAP reporting structure

July 2021
What will the return to campus look like: Q & A with Elizabeth Elle | Nicky Didicher, Marla Eist, Byron Gates, Steven Hill, Peter Hollmann, Kevin Lam, James MacEachern, Miranda Meents, Stephanie Vlachos, Brent Ward, Simon Watkins on the return to in-person instruction | Learning Experiences Transition Survey for Graduate Students results | Teaching assessment framework support | TA/TM self-directed workshop

May 2021
Overview of events at the 2021 Symposium on Teaching and Learning | Updating the criteria and processes for teaching assessment | Introduction of Blended (B) course classification

March 2021
Return to in-person instruction, town hall | How IT Services handled the move to remote instruction | Three projects that support deeper learning for students | 2020 SFU Excellence in Teaching Award recipients | Remote Teaching Forum 2021 | Inclusive and Antiracist Writing Guide

January 2021
Dan Laitsch, Kathleen Burke on academic integrity | SFU’s Academic Integrity Working Group | Examity | Live transcription on Zoom | How Do Institutions and Indigenous Peoples Work Together in Decolonizing and Indigenizing Teaching and Learning Practices? | Remote Teaching Forum 2021


November 2020
Hasina Samji on teaching synchronously | Rob Kitsos on teaching dance remotely | Aida Osian, Lara Aknin, Tara Holland, Nadine Schuurman, Taco Niet on remote teaching | Faculty consultation on General Education Curriculum Review | Thriving Beyond Campuses: Well-being in Learning Environments | COVID-19 Updates on VP Academic's website

September 2020
Nicky Didicher, Sheri Fabian, Sarah Johnson, Kevin Lam, Mark Lechner, Nienke van Houten on moving to remote instruction | Remote instruction resources | Student Online Learning Experiences (SOLE) survey | My Life as an Online University Student | HIVE | IT Services phone number | Invite a librarian to join your Canvas course | Latest COVID-19 bulletins