March 10, 2023

Physics professor Nancy Forde receives SFU's highest teaching award

Physics professor Nancy Forde is recognized for her dedication to enable student learning.

Physics professor Nancy Forde is one of three instructors recognized with the 2022 SFU Excellence in Teaching Award, SFU’s most prestigious award for teaching.

Forde is well-known across SFU and in the broader physics community as a student-centred, dedicated teacher who has received many teaching recognitions, including the 2021 Faculty of Science Excellence in Teaching award.

“I don’t see my role as teaching things to students, I see my role as helping them learn. Their ability to learn is something that they can carry throughout their lives,” says Forde.

Outside the classroom, Forde leads the development of the biological physics program and biophysics research at the Forde Lab.

Forde takes pride in her students’ successes and generously shares her knowledge with colleagues. She values just-in-time teaching, thoughtful assessment and constant improvement of her courses.

To make physics topics more accessible and engaging, Forde strives to adapt her teaching style to meet the needs of each student.

“One of the key parts of my teaching is finding ways to make physics relevant to my students’ lives. I do that by providing students with opportunities to direct their own learning and by creating space for them to bring their views into the class. My courses aren’t just about them listening to what I think is interesting about a subject, they’re a collaboration.”

Forde looks forward to inspiring and supporting many generations of students.  

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