Self-evaluation Report Online

June 23, 2011

The third draft of SFU’s self-evaluation report for the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities (NWCCU) will be posted online June 27 for the SFU community to review, at

The contents of the report are:

  • Chapter 1: Defines SFU’s mission, core themes and the criteria by which the assessments in Chapter 4 will be carried out.
  • Chapter 2: Responds to approximately 80 standards on SFU’s resources and capacity. It explains in some detail the Canadian and British Columbia contexts for an American audience. Subheadings are taken from the NWCCU’s Standards.
  • Chapter 3: Describes SFU’s major institutional planning processes.
  • Chapter 4: Covers the assessment of SFU’s four core themes.
  • Chapter 5: Includes conclusions about SFU’s performance in fulfi lling our mission and allows us to introduce “core theme 5” —Institutional Strength—from the University Planning Framework in discussing the University’s ability to adapt and sustain itself.

This is an opportunity for you to comment on the substance of the report. Concentrate on the content, including possible omissions, contradictions and the like. All data and electronic links will be checked before we submit the report to the NWCCU.

Submit your comments to by no later than July 15 and be sure to reference chapter/page/paragraph number and heading/subheading.

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