NWCCU Visit, October 12-14

October 06, 2011

A Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities (NWCCU) evaluation committee will be on campus Oct. 12–14 meeting with senior administrators and hosting open forums with faculty, staff and students to assess how well SFU is meeting NWCCU accreditation standards.

The committee will tour university facilities and evaluate how SFU fulfills its mission and how community members are contributing to the mission before writing its report.

We encourage you to participate, all of which will be video-linked from Burnaby to the Surrey and Vancouver campuses. Times and locations: www.sfu.ca/ vpacademic/accreditation/sitevisit/ForumsFall11.html

Please familiarize yourselves with SFU’s mission and core themes and come prepared to respond to how you and your unit are helping to achieve them. SFU’s self-evaluation report: www.sfu.ca/vpacademic/accreditation.html.

SFU Mission Statement

SFU’s mission is to advance knowledge through teaching, research, and engagement with the community.

We are an open, inclusive university whose foundation is intellectual and academic freedom. Our scholarship unites teaching and research: we celebrate discovery, diversity and dialogue. Our students and communities can expect teaching that is personal and learning opportunities that are lifelong. We champion the liberal arts and sciences and pioneering interdisciplinary and professional programs. We are a university where risks can be taken and bold initiatives embraced.

Upon these foundations, we will engage all our communities in building a robust and ethical society.

SFU Core Themes

  • Teaching and Learning
  • Research
  • Student Experience and Success
  • Community and Citizenship

Accreditation Open Forums

During their Oct. 12–14 visit, the NWCCU accreditation evaluation team will meet with SFU administrators and host four open forums at the Burnaby campus that will be video-linked to Surrey and Vancouver campuses.

Accreditation will make it easier to compare and share best practices with other institutions worldwide, improve international recognition and recruitment, and simplify relations with U.S. counterparts in matters such as scholarships, grants and athletics.

The Washington-based NWCCU is the regional authority on the educational quality and institutional effectiveness of post-secondary institutions.

Wednesday, October 12  ❙  11 am
Burnaby  ❙  IRMACS
Surrey  ❙  SUR 5380
Harbour Centre  ❙  HC 1700

Thursday, October 13  ❙  10 am
Burnaby  ❙  IRMACS
Surrey  ❙  SUR 5380
Harbour Centre  ❙  HC 1700

Thursday, October 13  ❙  10 am
Burnaby  ❙  Halpern Centre, 126
Surrey  ❙  SUR 3595
Harbour Centre  ❙  HC 1900

Thursday, October 13  ❙  1 pm
Burnaby  ❙  IRMACS
Surrey  ❙  SUR 5380
Harbour Centre  ❙  HC 1700

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