Special Projects

Welcome to Special Projects - Special Projects includes:

  • Miscellaneous Initiatives
    In addition to ad hoc initiatives and projects, we are available as a first point of contact for inquiries on general finance and administration issues.

  • Policy Guidance
    Knowledge and application of University Policy is a responsibility of all members of the University, however, policy guidance is available on financial and administration policies related to:

    Policy AD3.13 “Service Contracts”:  
    contracts can be signed by a Dean if the University’s commitment to provide services for revenue is less than $100,000, otherwise these need to be signed by a Vice-President; additionally, the required review process prior to signing is outlined in the Contract Approval Memo referenced in this Policy.

    Policy AD3.14 “Indemnity Approval”:  
    any contract or agreement which contains an indemnification to other parties must be reviewed by Risk Management and the Vice President, Finance & Administration, prior to signing by an authorized signing officer.      
  • Project Management Support Services
    Guidance on the process to follow when managing large-scale projects is available; additionally, a suite of process documents is available to govern the project during its lifecycle:

Please click here for a description of the Project Management process and guide to the Project Management documents
to use.