Application to Use Animals in Research or Teaching

Regardless of funding, if you are a SFU Principal Investigator (PI) using vertebrates, certain invertebrates (e.g. Cephalopods), and fish, for any research purpose (including observation of animals), a valid animal care protocol is required (even if the work is being done at another institution).

Quick Start Guide

     Step One

Apply for any required permits, such as Level 2 Biohazard, and submit the Animal Use Protocol Form for approval by the University Animal Care Committee.

     Step Two

Ensure all persons named on the application have taken or are registered to complete the online Animal User Training course (CCAC Modules). 

     Step Three

After the protocol has been approved, contact the Animal Care Services Manager, to discuss your study and space allocation needs, to arrange for facility orientation and training, and to arrange for facility access and ordering.

     Step Four

Contact Animal Care Services to order materials and supplies, and arrange for technical services. All animal orders, including aquatic species, must be done through the ACS Manager. The deadline for orders is 12:00 noon Thursday. Most shipments will be recieved the following week. Our policy is to allow an acclimatization period of 7 days, post-arrival, before starting your study. Please keep this in mind when placing your order.

Request to Import Animals from Commercial Sites

If you are ordering animals from a commecial sites...

SFU Animal Order Form

Request to Import Animals from Non-Commercial Sites

If you are Importing Animal to SFU from a non-commercial site contact the facility that is exporting the animals to request copies of health reports and facility procedural outlines as outlined on our forms. 

Letter to Principal Investigator

Health Report Exclusion List

Import/Export Form

Request to Export Animals to Other Facilities

If you are exporting animals from SFU to another site, contact the receiving facility for clear guidelines on what paperwork they require. Our quarterly Health Reports and a Facility Outline are available upon request. 

Letter to Principal Investigator

Health Report Exclusion List

Import/Export Form

Request to Transfer Animals within SFU/Protocol

This form is for internal use within SFU for the transfering of animals from one protocol to another. This applies to transfers within your own approved protocols as well as transfers to a different researchers protocol. 

Animal Transfer Form

Contact Information

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