Behavioural and Cognitive Neuroscience Institute (BCNI)

U. Ribary
MSc, PhD (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, ETH),
BC LEEF Chair in Cognitive Neuroscience Childhood Health and Development

Tel: 778.782.3250

This institute fosters interdisciplinary research and training concerning the relationship between mind and brain. Building on the strengths of world-renowned researchers who investigate a variety of behavioural, cognitive, sensory-motor, and neurophysiological phenomena, the BCNI focuses on a broad range of topics such as attention, perception, language, memory and action. Our major emphases will be on using structural and functional brain imaging for better understanding the underlying neurophysiology of cognitive human brain functions, cognitive disabilities, neurological and psychiatric symptoms. The ultimate goal will be to develop objective diagnostic procedures translating into better pedagogical applications and more specific cognitive, pharmacological and surgical interventional therapies. Some of the main objectives of the institute are to:

• understand the relationships between behaviour, cognition and their neurobiological substrates.
• understand the brain development and life-long plasticity of brain and behaviour.
• understand the nature of the deficits and spared capacities that are specific to particular syndromes and developmental          disorders.
• develop diagnostic markers that can be related and translated into specific cognitive, pharmacological and surgical interventions.
• co-ordinate initiatives to further secure world-class collaborative neuroscience research tools and facilities among universities and hospitals in BC.

The institute provides a matrix to further facilitate scientists working synergistically toward these and related goals across disciplines and institutions.