Research Facilitation

Research Facilities

Simon Fraser University provides world-class shared research infrastructure for its researchers. We have a long history of sharing research infrastructure at the institutional level, faculty level, at the department/school level, and at the level of individual faculty members granting other research groups access to their labs. 

Research Grant Facilitators

Staff in each Faculty with research credentials and experience, who can match researchers with funding opportunities and potential collaborators, assist with the development of competitive applications for external grant and contract funding, and offer grant-writing workshops.

Research Support Fund 2018-2019

In 2018-2019, SFU received just over $8.7 million from the Research Support Fund program. The majority of this funding is dedicated to maintaining and upgrading SFU's research facilities, as well as supporting the management and administration of the university's research enterprise. The RSF helps SFU maintain a world-class research environment.

Internal Research Support

SFU works to ensure that scholarly and research endeavours be supported through the provision of internal funding for faculty and students. Students seeking funding can visit the website of the Dean of Graduate Studies for details of the various options available.

Institutional Strategic Awards

The Institutional Strategic Awards team focuses on pre-award development and post-award management of the largest and most complex grants, contracts, prizes and awards at Simon Fraser University.

Research Services

Research Services is SFU’s service oriented team that administers internal and external research funding and negotiates research related contracts. Research Services works closely with other SFU offices and staff in managing change and troubleshooting throughout the entire lifecycle of the research project.

Research Ethics

Research Ethics ensures that research involving human subjects meets high scholarly and ethical standards.

Industry Engagement

Industry Engagement ensures that the necessary conditions are in place for successful university technologies, entrepreneurs, startup and spin-out companies and industrial partnerships.

Animal Care Services

Animal Care Services ensures that SFU conducts research, teaching or testing that involves animals in the most humane and ethical manner possible.


The SFU Library provides information resources, teaching and learning programs, research support, and technology initiatives to SFU's faculty, students, and staff.