Research Facilitation

Research Grant Facilitators

Staff in each Faculty with research credentials and experience, who can match researchers with funding opportunities and potential collaborators, assist with the development of competitive applications for external grant and contract funding, and offer grant-writing workshops.

Faculty Research Liasion Officers

Provide information on research grant and contract opportunities, advice on the development and writing of grant applications, facilitation of research collaboration, assistance in obtaining tools and equipment needed for research, advice on research policy to the Vice-President, Research, and advice and interpretation of research policies to faculty members.

Research Mentors

Senior SFU faculty with strong records of successful application for grant funding from the Canadian granting councils and/or service on grant selection committees, who are available to their colleagues for consultation and advice on the preparation of grant applications.

Indirect Cost of Research Program

The Government of Canada introduced the Indirect Costs of Research Program (IDC) in 2003 to help offset the hidden costs of research funded by the Tri-Council (the Canadian Institutes for Health Research, the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council, and the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council).

Internal Research Support

SFU works to ensure that scholarly and research endeavours be supported through the provision of internal funding for faculty and students. Students seeking funding can visit the website of the Dean of Graduate Studies for details of the various options available.

Major Projects Office

The Major Projects Office promotes, encourages, and supports the development of proposals for submission to major grant competitions.

Office of Research Services

The Office of Research Services assists SFU faculty in obtaining and administering financial support for their research.

Office of Research Ethics

The Office of Research Ethics ensures that research involving human subjects meets high scholarly and ethical standards.

Industry Engagement

Industry Engagement ensures that the necessary conditions are in place for successful university technologies, entrepreneurs, startup and spin-out companies and industrial partnerships.

Animal Care Services

Animal Care Services ensures that SFU conducts research, teaching or testing that involves animals in the most humane and ethical manner possible.


The SFU Library provides information resources, teaching and learning programs, research support, and technology initiatives to SFU's faculty, students, and staff.