Physics professor Michel Vetterli, framed by the ATLAS detector.


SFU physicist on ATLAS executive

March 01, 2012

In March 2012, SFU physics professor Mike Vetterli was appointed deputy chair of the Publications Committee (PubCom) for the ATLAS collaboration at CERN.

He will become chair in March 2013, when he will move to Geneva for one year. The PubCom is responsible for reviewing all papers and scientific notes published by ATLAS, an international collaboration of nearly 3,000 physicists and engineers studying the basic structure of Nature at the highest energy densities ever achieved in the laboratory. Mike says, “It’s like being on a thesis supervisory committee but you are interacting with more senior people so it’s more challenging.”

With this new appointment, Vetterli will join the Executive Board of ATLAS. He says, “As part of the executive, you are in on many high-level discussions and you get to express your opinions.” ATLAS is one of the largest experiments at the Large Hadron Collider at CERN and started recording data in 2010 with the aim to understand Nature’s deepest secrets

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