Research Support Fund strengthens SFU's Industry Engagement leadership team

Simon Fraser University’s Industry Engagement team is dedicated to supporting industry, communities, and researchers solving global issues.

The Government of Canada’s Research Support Fund (RSF) assists Canadian postsecondary institutions with expenses associated with managing the research funded by the three federal research granting agencies. With this investment in research excellence, institutions are able to ensure that federally funded research projects are conducted in world-class facilities with the best equipment and administrative support available. 

In 2017-2018, Simon Fraser University (SFU) received $8.8 million from the RSF program, allowing SFU to maintain an excellent research environment. Six percent of this funding at SFU is allocated towards Intellectual Property, with the objective of mobilizing research for social and economic benefit. 

Simon Fraser University’s Industry Engagement (IE), matches industry and community partners with state-of-the-art technologies, innovations, and researchers. The IE leadership team supports industry and community partners who are passionate about tapping into SFU research and innovations. IE offers its partners access to infrastructure, flexible licensing agreements, and entrepreneurial research faculty and staff. 

IE also provides services for SFU researchers, some of which include developing a range of outreach services to faculty with the intent of developing greater knowledge about intellectual property, identifying promising technologies, and helping steer researchers towards commercialization possibilities. 

The RSF covers the salaries of staff within IE. The IE leadership team has recently completed the full hiring process, and all positions are in place for IE to run at full capacity. With the support of RSF funding, the IE team is set up to succeed in elevating research impact. 

“The role of IE is to provide strategic leadership in research mobilization,” explains Iain Begg, director of Industry Engagement. “Providing exceptional support requires a strong and broad team of experienced professionals capable of understanding research impact for industry, community and universities. RSF funding has enabled us to create this centre of excellence within SFU.”

IE is forging partnerships to solve problems that matter. Learn more about the important work carried out by SFU’s Industry Engagement team at

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About Industry Engagement

Our Vision: to establish Simon Fraser University as the go-to university for industry, communities, and researchers working to solve global issues. 

Our Values:

Collaboration: Promote interdisciplinary approaches, internally and externally. 

Research mobilization: Proactive management of Intellectual Property (IP) that will make an impact on society, including policy-makers, civil society leaders, and the community.

Promotion of research excellence: Provide education, new approaches, opportunities, encouragement and support to SFU's community of researchers.

Industry Engagement receives ongoing support for its activities from SFU, including support from the IDC program of the federal granting councils.