How the Research Support Fund maximizes the benefits of SFU’s Research Services

Aniko Takacs-Cox, Director of Research Services, leads a dynamic team committed to supporting SFU faculty members' research activities.

Simon Fraser University is a leader in research impact. While news sources may often focus on the university’s growing number of awards and funding, the unsung heroes of these accomplishments reside at SFU’s Research Services.

Under the portfolio of the Office of the Vice-President, Research, the staff at Research Services advance SFU’s research mission by providing expertise in research administration to help the university’s faculty obtain and administer internal and external research funding and execute supporting contracts.

In order to maintain the smooth operation of Research Services, SFU utilizes the Research Support Fund (RSF). The RSF is allocated among SFU’s facilities, regulatory requirements, intellectual property and resources. The majority, though, is used to support the management and administration of the university's research enterprise, including Research Services.

“The job of Research Services staff is to help SFU faculty members navigate through the full lifecycle of a research project, from pre-award application through post-award administration, to closeout,” states Aniko Takacs-Cox, Director of Research Services. “The RSF gives us the ability to do this on an ever-growing scale.”

SFU is committed to becoming a world leader in knowledge mobilization, and investment in research support through the RSF is vital to this pursuit. It maximizes return on external investment by freeing faculty members to focus their time and effort on research. Without Research Services and the investment of the RSF program, researchers would need to spend more time on management and administrative tasks, which would negatively impact their individual research output as well as SFU's overall research productivity and competitiveness.

The value of the RSF on Research Services’ operations is evident. By enabling efficient leadership and support in management and administration, the quantity of funded research, quality of research support and promotion, and effectiveness of information systems at SFU continue to set new standards for measuring research success.

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Under the portfolio of the Office of the Vice-President, Research, Research Services advances SFU's research mission by providing expertise in research administration and ensuring compliance with policies and procedures of the university and the sponsor.