The Research Support Fund invests in SFU’s facilities that accelerate research and innovation

KEY, SFU's Big Data Initiative’s headquarters is located at SFU's Big Data Hub, a facility that connects industry partners and the SFU community to engage in big data.

Simon Fraser University (SFU) is defined by its commitment to cutting-edge research, innovative education, and far-reaching community engagement. The university’s growth has been fueled by a strategic emphasis on excellence, social and economic innovation and community engagement. In short, it is the researchers, faculty, staff and students that help SFU position itself as Canada’s leading engaged university. But one critical aspect to success that is not often mentioned is the physical space where research activities happen.

It is well-known that the space around us has a direct effect on our work. It embodies the values that are important to the university community, shapes our communications and workflow, and facilitates knowledge creation and exchange. One-tenth of SFU’s main campus space is used for research activities. With the support of the Government of Canada’s Research Support Fund (RSF), SFU can enable its researchers to be on the leading edge of their fields, using new techniques and innovative approaches in modern facilities that are sustainable, safe and well-equipped.

The RSF provided funds for a portion of the renovations within SFU’s Big Data Hub, a modern space that connects industry partners and the SFU community to engage in big data. From training, data mentorship, and collaborative events and workshops, the Hub is a one-stop portal to access SFU’s big data services. The RSF investment allowed for a designated space where industry is able to easily connect with SFU's researchers and students.

Trevor Roald, Business Development Officer for KEY explains: 

“The Hub is so much more than a collection of meeting rooms and office spaces. It is a catalyst for our community and is accelerating the rate of innovation and knowledge mobilization. The Hub provides an optimal environment for intellectual ‘collisions’ by encouraging those chance encounters and fortunate interactions that spawn new ideas and spread inspiration”

It is spaces like the Hub that helps attract top faculty and students, and raise its research profile while ensuring SFU's commitment to engaging the community.

Engage big data with KEY

SFU's Big Data Hub makes it easy for people to engage with big data—no matter their domain, discipline or level of expertise. We enable SFU researchers, staff, students and partners to come together to access the training, consulting, data mentorship and collaborative events and workshops they need to leverage big data for their research, studies and work. The Hub supports your data journey at every step, as part of KEY, SFU’s Big Data Initiative.