Innovative Research and Grant Support for Patient-Oriented Research


The BC SUPPORT Unit Fraser Centre, a partnership between Simon Fraser University and Fraser Health, is providing services to develop and support patient-oriented health research projects. Since the February 2017 launch of the Fraser Centre, over 40 research teams have benefitted from Centre resources. Teams have received feedback, guidance, letters of support and patient engagement services for their research grant applications, commercialization competitions and emerging projects.


Rableen Nagra, Fraser Centre Patient Engagement Specialist, is working with Laurie Goldsmith, SFU health sciences professor, on her ‘Engaging Knee Arthroplasty Patients’ project. Rableen recruited patient partners to join the research team and attended the first meeting with the patient partners to support team building, provide an introduction to good practices in patient-oriented research and to address any questions or issues. Now she will continue to be a resource to the patient partners in their role throughout the project.

Lupin Battersby, Fraser Centre Knowledge Translation Specialist, is working with Denise Cloutier and Taylor Hainstock on mobilizing a support tool for family caregivers that emerged from the ‘Transitions and Trajectories in Care’ project. Lupin developed a knowledge translation (KT) plan, facilitated connections with Fraser Health stakeholders, is supporting the process of user input to refine the tool and will support the implementation of the KT plan. 

Magdalena Newman, Fraser Centre Research Navigator Leader, supported Shahram Payandeh, SFU engineering science professor, on a project designed to help older adults stay independent longer. She provided connections to clinicians and decision makers from three health authorities, facilitated access to Fraser Health research support services and provided input on a patient partner recruitment strategy. 

The Fraser Centre is your connection to a wealth of research support as part of the BC SUPPORT Unit. The BC SUPPORT Unit is the province-wide organization working to increase patient-oriented research in BC. Patient-oriented research is research that’s done in partnership with patients. 'Patient' refers to anyone who has experience with the health care system and/or a health issue, including informal caregivers. Patient-oriented research answers research questions that matter to patients, and aims to improve health care.

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Rableen Nagra, Patient Engagement Specialist, BC SUPPORT Unit Fraser Centre

Lupin Battersby, Knowledge Translation Specialist, BC SUPPORT Unit Fraser Centre

Magdalena Newman, Research Navigator Leader, BC SUPPORT Unit Fraser Centre