Simon Fraser University Webcast Information and Requirements

Webcast Location

Technical Requirements For Viewing SFU's Streaming Video Webcasts

Adobe Flash Player 10 is required to view SFU's streaming video webcasts on desktop machine. Please ensure you have the most recent version of the free Adobe Flash Player, and that your computer meets the minimum system requirements.

Once you have installed/updated Adobe Flash Player, please confirm that your computer is up to specification by viewing our sample webcast.

Please note that a high speed internet connection is required for reliable viewing (minimum 500kbps download speed, maximum 200ms "ping" or latency). Also, you must ensure that you are not behind a firewall that is blocking certain required ports (80, 443, and 1935; you can check to see if these ports are open here). If you have any ports that are blocked, you will need to contact your local system administrator or internet service provider well ahead of time and make arrangements to have them opened.

Our webcasts are currently not viewable on Android devices.