CEOx1Day Program by Odgers Berndtson: 2021

Spend a day with one of Canada’s leading CEOs.

This initiative is organized and operated by Odgers Berndston independantly from Simon Fraser University.


Note: The application form will ask you to self report your CGPA as a %. To calculate this, divide your current CGPA by 4.3, then multiply by 100.

CEOx1Day Program

Now in its seventh year in Canada, CEOx1Day has given over 100 university students access to the country’s top CEOs for a day of mentorship and leadership. Open to third and fourth-year students enrolled in a Canadian university or a degree-granting college program, the CEOx1Day program matches about 20 students in five cities across Canada (Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, Ottawa and Calgary).

Thousands of student applicants have gained valuable skills and experiences for future job searches throughout the 4-stage CEOx1Day selection process. Each stage provides students with a different learning experience, as students receive meaningful feedback from an online leadership assessment and engage on phone and in-person interviews with Odgers Berndtson’s search professionals.

Participating CEOs

CEOs from the following organizations will be participating in the 2021/2022 CEOx1Day roster:

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