Learn and Earn up to $1000 grant

Enhance EDI in Your Work Experiences

Funded by the Government of Canada's Innovative Work-Integrated Learning Initiative through CEWIL's iHUB Project


SFU undergraduate and graduate students from all Faculty areas are invited to join the Enhance EDI In Your Work Experiences initiative.

Selected students will participate in a 4 week intensive online EDI professional development opportunity, Effective Intercultural Communication for WIL, and upon completion will have funds deposited into your SFU student account. In addition to covering the cost of the professional development opportunity ($200), $800 will be added to your SFU student account as a credit, which could be used for tuition, activity fees, or a future WIL-related experience. Enrollment is limited - apply early.

Cohort 1

Application Deadline:

March 19, 2021



March 22 - April 16, 2021


Cohort 2

Application Deadline:

April 2, 2021



April 6 - April 30, 2021



Please note: Students currently on a paid Co-op work term are not eligible for this opportunity, unless they are earning $5000 CAD or less and the work term is not federally funded. Students enrolled in the Co-op program who are not currently on a work term, or are currently seeking, may be eligible for this opportunity.

In order to be eligible, you must be currently registered in a Spring 2021 (January 2021 in April 2021) course or program that has a work integrated learning / hands-on component such as:

WIL Experience Types with a community organization or industry partner:

  • Research (eg. Undergraduate and graduate research for a company or community organization, literature reviews, policy analysis, market research, programming)
  • Community and industry engaged projects (eg. Event organization, community education, social justice projects, hosting dialogues between communities)
  • Entrepreneurial WIL (eg. Design and implementation of a start-up, Venture Connection, eCoop)
  • Community Service/ Based learning (eg. Solving social problems, civic engagement in collaboration with community, raising awareness of a public issue)
  • Field Placements (eg. Provides hands-on experience in a field setting)
  • Unpaid: Virtual Internships / Micro-placements / Bootcamp / Business Case / Classroom project

Other examples of eligible SFU courses and programs might include:

  • Semester in Dialogue at CityStudio
  • Venture Connections
  • School for the Contemporary Arts (SCA) Internships
  • Field placements / school
  • Living Lab

Student applicants must be a Canadian or Permanent Resident. Unfortunately, federal program criteria indicates that International students are NOT eligible.

SFU students currently enrolled in a WIL-related course or program during Jan – April 2021 semester are invited to apply to participate in the enhanced Effective Intercultural Communication for WIL professional development opportunity. Enrollment is limited - apply early. Accepted students must be able to complete the Effective Intercultural Communication for WIL opportunity which will start on March 22nd and run through April 16th, 2021, start on March 22nd and run through April 16th, 2021 (Cohort 1), and April 6th to April 30th, 2021 (Cohort 2).  The time frame is set over 4 weeks, however should you need to complete sooner than April 16th, the material will be available for you to finish at a faster pace.

Application form is below.

Your Commitment

Students who apply and are accepted into this opportunity will complete the Effective Intercultural Communication (EIC) for WIL online over 4 weeks during March and April 2021. EIC is specifically designed to:

  • Increase your awareness as to how your cultural influences can affect your intercultural interactions in school and in work environments
  • Actively regulate your response or to be mindful of your communication style in the face of feeling stressed or challenged
  • Respond to the calls for reconciliation by understanding some of the impacts of colonialism on Indigenous cultures in Canada

You must complete all of these activities to receive a pass and be eligible for the funding.

  • Approximately 10 hours a week to watch videos, read infographics and related Canvas materials
  • Respond to discussion topics as well as commenting on peers' postings and/or questions from the facilitators 
  • Respond to reflective assignments
  • Fill out a survey at the end of the Canvas

If you successfully complete all of the EIC PD requirements, you will be:

  • eligible for up to $1000 in direct benefits covering the cost of the opportunity ($200) and $800 in a monetary credit in your student financial account which could be used for tuition, activity fees, or a future WIL-related experience.

For an outline of the EIC PD opportunity, please download this document.

How to apply?

Submit the application form below. SFU WIL will verify if the WIL component within your course or program is qualified.

Have questions? Please email swpp_coop@sfu.ca.

Please Submit Your Application Below:

Please enter your SFU student number.
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Student Status
* Due to federal requirements, International students are not eligible for this funding.
Priority for this learning opportunity will be given to students who are members of social groups that face equity and inclusion barriers. Please indicate if you belong to any of the following social groups. Please select all that apply.

These are the priority groups identified by the funders, however, this WIL PD opportunity is open to all students in a WIL-related course / program.


It is a requirement that applicants are enrolled in courses that are WIL-related. Please list all of your Spring 2021 Courses that you are registered in that have a WIL-component.

One course per line.

Please describe briefly the WIL component within your course / program / designation.

Are you working with a community organization or industry partner?
e.g. employer, organization, or community group | RBC, Downtown Eastside Women's Centre, SFU labs, YWCA/YMCA, United Way, Virtual NATO field school etc.
Please note partners will be required to complete a short survey.
Are you getting paid for your WIL-component?
Are you able to complete the online EDI Professional Development opportunity between the dates of April 6th and April 30th, 2021?

For an outline of the EIC PD opportunity, please download this document.

The information on this form is collected under the general authority of the University Act (R.S.B.C. 1996, c. 468). It is related directly to and needed by SFU's Work Integrated Learning Program in order to facilitate WIL/Co-op services.