Justice, Equity, and Inclusion Supports for WIL Staff

Welcome! Co-op program staff and WIL practitioners are crucial in advancing justice, equity, and inclusion for students, employers, and community partners. We know this work isn’t easy, and you aren’t alone. Whether you have students with questions about discrimination, exclusion, and inequities, are hoping to support an employer to offer more empowering Co-op or WIL opportunities, or are looking to improve your practice regarding equity and inclusion issues, we are here to help. And if you can’t find what you’re looking for on this website, don’t hesitate to contact us! 

Staff Supports (JEI Team)

  • Advice on JEI Topics: We recognize that WIL staff often need to deal with issues relating to equity and inclusion, and that this can be an especially challenging aspect of the job. We are here to support you when navigating these issues. Feel free to contact us for support.
  • Accessibility Report: Expanding Work-Integrated Learning Opportunities with an Accessibility Approach. Developed in partnership with ACE-WIL, this project was designed to investigate the gap in students’ participation in postsecondary institutions’ (PSIs) WIL programs and the need for a targeted approach to increase employment opportunities for students with disabilities (SWD).
  • Foundations of Intercultural Development is designed to help connect you with a community of learning focused on building intercultural engagement skills, developing cultural awareness, and empowering participants in equitable and inclusive practices.
  • iHub Toolkit: Advancing Justice, Equity, diversity and Inclusion (JEDI). Created as a collaboration between the SFU WIL JEI Team and ACE-WIL, this toolkit provides employers and community partners with strategies for advancing JEDI in the workplace.

Supports and Resources (SFU)

Supports and Resources (External)

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