Justice, Equity, and Inclusion Supports for WIL Students

Welcome! The SFU WIL JEI Team offers students equity and inclusion supports and resources for work-integrated learning (WIL) and Co-op. You can be at any stage of your Co-op or WIL journey and access these supports. Whether you encounter equity and inclusion-related barriers in the job search or hiring process, in the workplace, or upon/after work term completion, we are here to help. We can also provide referrals to other supports you may find helpful. Can’t find what you are looking for? Contact us!

Student Advising 

Are you a student with Co-op related questions about equity and inclusion?

If you have questions about equity and inclusion in the workplace, we are here to provide advising supports. For example, are you worried about facing barriers in hiring? Dealing with a difficult issue during your work term? Do you have questions about disclosure? These are just some examples we can help with. The WIL Justice, Equity, and Inclusion (JEI) Educator is available to talk to you and connect you with resources and services. Please email us at jei_wil@sfu.ca to set up an appointment.

Justice, Equity, and Inclusion (JEI) Courses for SFU Students

Effective Intercultural Communication

FREE facilitated online opportunity for students who would like to increase their intercultural understanding and communication skills through developing self-awareness.

Job Search Success

Job Search Success is an online professional writing and intercultural communication course for students to help them improve their resume and cover letter while learning how to communicate in today's multicultural workplace. There is a $20 non-refundable fee.

WIL Student Supports (JEI Team)

Accessibility Resource

Whether you have a visible or invisible disability, WIL's Accessibility Support space is here to offer options for your work-experience journey.

English as an Additional Language ↗

EAL is dedicated to housing resources that will help students get ready for employment in the Canadian context.


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Resources shared and gathered here are meant to assist folks in their justice, equity, and inclusion learning. The goal of this tool is to support lifelong learning around social justice, equity, belonging and inclusion.

Supports and Resources (SFU)

  • Health and Counselling Services. Drop-in virtual or in-person advising is available with an Access Case Manager for one-on-one conversations about options available to you in Health and Counselling Services. 
  • Sexual Violence Support and Prevention Office offers confidential and free supports to SFU students who have been impacted by sexual violence.
  • My Student Support Program (My SSP) is an app that provides additional mental health support and resources, including a 24/7 crisis line, appointments with a registered  clinical counsellor, multiple language options, and more. 
  • The Multifaith Centre offers emotional and/or spiritual supports and resources, including drop-ins and events.
  • There are a number of Black community resources and supports available both at SFU and within the community.
  • There are a number of other university resources dedicated to keeping students safe, well and connected. Learn more here. The SFSS also provides a number of support services for students. 

Supports and Resources (EXTERNAL)

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