SFU India Connect Program - Entrepreneurship Co-op

Empower and change the world!

The SFU India Connect Program offers internships and co-op job opportunities that help students develop entrepreneurship and innovation related skills. There are two streams students can choose to participate in: Stream 1: Zone Startups and Stream 2: Deshpande Foundation.

As an entrepreneur, you love generating new ideas, taking risks, and enjoying the rewards the venture brings. You are ready to take action, solve client issues, and improve the world.

For more information, visit the official Zone Startups and Deshpande Foundation websites.

Program Info

General Info

  • This program has been paused
  • Both streams are 12 to 16 weeks in duration
  • A one time funding support total of $8,000 (funding provided by the Asia Pacific Foundation (APF) of Canada Award, India Student Mobility Award, and SFU International Co-op Award).

Info Session

This program has been paused; therefore, there are no current info sessions available. 

Application Process

  • Submit your application (including Cover letter, resume and unofficial transcript) to icoop@sfu.ca (NOTE: Include "India Connect" in subject line of email).
  • Deadline for applications: Due to the uncertainty of COVID-19, this program has been paused.
  • Indicate on job application which of the two streams you wish to participate in: Zone Startups, or Deshpande Foundation.
  • The SFU International Co-op Office will contact you for an interview and nominate you to your organization of choice.


  • What type of entrepreneurship skills do you wish to develop?
  • What kind of work experience are you looking for?
  • What location do you prefer?

Two Streams

Accelerator Entrepreneurship

Join Zone Startups to help accelerate the growth of high-potential startups around the world with your solutions.

Zone Startups is a global accelerator for startups with strong teams and a vision to become fast-growing market leaders. They offer an innovation consulting practice that lets corporate clients explore and embrace new ideas and technologies alongside leading-edge startups.

Job Description

* Zone Startups Job Description.pdf
Download to see the job description of Zone Startups

Social Entrepreneurship

Strengthen social innovation at Sandbox and drive the creation of sustainable, scalable enterprises that have significant social and economic impact.

The Sandbox ecosystem provides a place for the catalysts to test ideas, make changes and eventually develop truly scalable solutions. The value of the Sandbox lies in its ability to identify synergies and explore potential collaboration among the catalyst network. Accommodation and monthly stipend are provided for this stream only.

Job Description

* Deshpande Job Description.pdf
Download to see the job description of Deshpande Foundation


"As Canada's engaged university, SFU is committed to supporting the next generation of entrepreneurs and innovators."

- Andrew Petter, Former SFU President

"To capitalize on the remarkable growth in India, young Canadians need to be India competent. They need the India-related skills and knowledge to help them better engage with this dynamic country."

- Stewart Beck, APF Canada President and CEO

"The India Connect Program is an amazing opportunity for SFU students to gain essential international experience; build their project portfolios with critical business, communications and problem-solving skills; and engage in challenging, once-in-a-lifetime projects with world-class partners Deshpande Foundation and Zone Startups India."

- Ian Hand, Director of Zone Startups India