Issue 2 - Fall 2011

Writings by:

Bridging the Gap: A Talk with Kamila Shamsie and Denise Chong by Sydney Vickars

Notes from a French Addict in Toulouse by Krysten Maier

Mirror Stage by Sydney Vickars

Outside My Window by Krisandra Reid

The Age of Miracles by Yvonne Reinhart

Transport of the Tome by Paula Lindsay

LOCOmbia by Natalia Mayor

Young Men and Women by Cheyenne Bergenhegenegouwen

Bluebeard's Tough Man by Daniel Poirier

Variety Moon Meat by Racan Souiedan

No One-Man Band is an Island by Daniel Poirier

When Nietzsche Meets Shakespeare by Krisandra Reid

To Academia by Sydney Vickars

Artwork by:

Fingerpainting by Sonya Ryou

Self-Portrait of an Artist by Denise Torok

Collage by Kristen Puri

Sacrifice for Rome by Denise Torok

* Download Lyre, Issue 2 by clicking here.