WLSC 2019

Being in Place: 
Landscape and Identity in World Literatures


Conference Date:                                Wednesday, April 3rd 4-6PM

The 2019 WORLD LITERATURE STUDENT CONFERENCE invited students of all faculties to present on the theme of BEING IN PLACE: LANDSCAPE AND IDENTITY IN WORLD LITERATURES. What do we mean by “being in place?” Being implies what is and what could be, but Place can be a fluid and confusing concept. In a world divided by complex and intersecting boundaries and borders, how does a feeling of “being in place” emerge within and beyond geographic, ideological, colonial, linguistic, psychological, or environmental boundaries? Is identity something that anchors us, or does it change as we move across different landscapes? This interdisciplinary conference explored conflicting identities alongside the relationship between peoples and their places.


2019 Schedule of Presentations