WLSC 2020 Submission Form

Type of Presentation

Submissions Instructions

Please title your file in the format "FirstName-FamilyName". If you have multiple files, such as multiple jpgs for a slide presentation, please label them as "FirstName-FamilyName-#" to indicate the order that you would like them to appear.


  • May include a short paper, a creative piece, or an excerpt from a longer paper/piece. You may also submit a proposal if the full paper/piece is not yet complete.
  • Submissions should be 500-600 words. 
  • You may also submit an excerpt from a larger piece. Please submit the entire essay/piece and highlight in BOLD the proposed excerpt.
  • Should be uploaded as a Microsoft Word document


  • Videos may include pre-recorded lecture, creative recording, or film short. 
  • Audio may include podcasts, audio presentations, or creative recordings.
  • Submissions should be 4-5 minutes.
  • Video formats: .mp4, .mov, YouTube, or Vimeo link
  • Audio formats: Spotify or Soundcloud link


  • Visuals may include any form of artwork (painting, sketch, photograph, etc.).
  • Please send a short (50-100 words) caption for your visual submission. Include as a Word Document.
  • Visual formats: .jpg or .png (72 dpi)


  • Try to keep the text limited and the visuals engaging.
  • Formats: 
    • Slides Presentation without audio– numbered jpgs (72 dpi). 
    • Submissions should take 4-5 minutes to read.
    • Slides Presentations with audio– submit as video. See video submission guidelines.

If you would like to submit something but it doesn’t seem to fit the submission guidelines, feel free to email us at wlconf@sfu.ca .

The total size of uploaded attachments can be no larger than 15MB

Note: if your presentation is not finalized, we are still happy to accept your proposal theme and description at this time. Please note that all finished presentations are due by November 12th and can be sent to wlconf@sfu.ca or submitted to our Visuals Submission page