Speaking of Dance Conversations is presented by DanceHouse in partnership with SFU Woodward’s Cultural Programs. The series showcases free public dialogues and roundtable conversations about the world of dance, contextualizing it within culture and society. Presented by noted writers, choreographers and creative thinkers, Speaking of Dance is a platform for everyone to share and develop their observation and interpretation of dance.

Speaking of Dance Talking Truths: Shaping Our Presence and Remembering Our Past

Presented by Matriarchs Uprising in partnership with DanceHouse and SFU Woodward’s Cultural Programs

Speakers: Maura Garcia, Sophie Dow, Christine Friday, Jeanette Kotowich

Facilitator: Olivia C. Davies

What does care look like when we create work that holds ancestral spirit? Four Indigenous women from across the country speak about the choreographic impulses that guide their creative process and the cultural heritage informing their practice. Hosted by Matriarchs Uprising festival director, Olivia C. Davies, and presented in partnership with DanceHouse, we are excited to offer this free, online event for all to experience. Audiences are invited to join this virtual circle live on zoom and be part of an intimate conversation presented as a way to learn, listen, and witness these dance artists speaking their truth.


Speaking of Dance Conversations is a series of free public dialogues and roundtable conversations with noted artists and choreographers, challenging new perspectives about the world of dance, contextualizing it within culture and society.

Topics include:

Absent and Present: Muslim Culture in Today’s Society

Identity and Location: Immigration and Cultural Integration

In Their Own Voices: British Columbia’s Female Choreographers on What It’s Really Like


We would like to welcome you to the ARTSCAPE Podcast, a new monthly podcast from SFU Woodward's Cultural Programs. Featuring our host Michael Boucher, the Director of Cultural Programs and Partnerships / 149 Arts, as he sits down to talk with artists, choreographers and other individuals from the arts community. He will explore how the arts allows us to create, engage and inspire! We invite you to be part of the conversation.

Episode #1: 

DanceHouse and SFUW Proudly present Sandra Laronde and Red Sky Performance (Toronto)

In our inaugural episode, of ARTSCAPE: Michael Boucher talks to Sandra Laronde Founder & Artistic Director of Red Sky Performance. Laronde speaks to the importance of moving the narrative of both the Canadian and Indigenous consciousness to the centre of who we are as Canadians.

Episode #2:

CreativeMornings and SFUW present Mark Busse in this podcast episode of ARTSCAPE.

Michael Boucher talks with Mark Busse, who is the Producer and Host at CreativeMornings/Vancouver. SFUW and CreativeMornings have a strong eight-year partnership that has turned into a mutual relationship that supports creativity and cultural endeavours.CreativeMornings Vancouver is one member of the world’s largest face-to-face creative community. Join us to learn about how a morning program has evolved into a diverse showcase that features many individuals who speak about the importance of creativity in one’s work.


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