Major Program

Students are encouraged to complete language courses at either the lower or upper division. 

Honors Program

Twelve units of language study, which may included courses completed during study abroad or field schools, or an approved equivalent are required. Please contact the World Literature advisor for more information.

Honors students intending to apply for graduate school are also encouraged to complete a minimum of three units of literature in a language other than English. This may be fulfilled by completing a WL directed reading course (WL 450) or by completing an upper division course in another Simon Fraser University department. With prior approval, students can complete an upper division course at another university.

Language Training Institute

SFU's Language Training Institute (LTI) offers comprehensive preparation in several major world languages which students can undertake as part of a World Literature Major or Honors Program. 

Learning a new language leads you to a different way of seeing the world, opening possibilities for cultural understanding and the exchange of ideas. LTI courses will enable you to communicate in daily situations with the language you have learned.  In addition to gaining a strong understanding of how the language works, you will be introduced to the rich and complex cultures of the people who use the language.

World languages that students can study at LTI include:

  • Chinese
  • German
  • Japanese
  • Spanish

Department of French 

Students can also take French and Italian courses through SFU's Department of French

Hellenic Studies

Hellenic Studies offers online courses in Greek