Prospective Students

Are you fascinated by the way members of different cultures understand, or fail to understand, each other?

The Bachelor’s of Arts degree in World Literature is one of only seven such programs in the world that takes as its object the study of the ways culture “travels” from one society to another and from one historical period to another. The sonnet, the novel, film noir and manga are among our objects of study.

Are you intrigued by the stories people tell about themselves to make sense of their world?

By looking at how populations in different parts of the world use culture to respond to common human concerns such as love, death, power, religion and victimization, World Literature helps us to understand others on their own terms.

Are you an incisive reader and good writer – or would you like to be?

World Literature faculty are chosen not only for their cross-cultural expertise, but also for their proven talent as teachers of literature and writers of clear and compelling prose.

What careers does World Literature lead to?

Students of World Literatue will lgo on to numerous fulfilling careers, including work in:

  • International agencies and organizations, including embassies
  • Law school
  • Teaching* in Canada and abroad
  • Book, multimedia, and magazine production
  • Social service, especially in the area of immigration
  • Consulting in the public or private sector
  • Creative writing and the cultural professions
  • Writing, editing and publishing
  • Small business
  • Journalism, communications, broadcasting and public relations
  • Public administration
  • Community and social service organizations
  • Education and academia

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World Literature is a teachable subject, recognized by the BC Teachers Federation. WL courses can also be used as an alternative to English for elementary school requirements in SFU's Professional Development Program (PDP). See a list of acceptable PDP courses here.