Undergraduate Program

This bachelor of arts program focuses on writing from around the world - whether this is in the form of novels, essays, poetry, or prose, and whether the writing is traditional or experimental. The texts of world literature are those that have circulated outside their culture of origin, gaining new meanings and new relevance in other languages, nations, and traditions. Students will study historical, cultural, and theoretical approaches to literature in translation. The study of world literature raises vital questions about cross-cultural understanding, the practice of translation as a creative and cultural enterprise, literature's role in history and society, and the nature of literature itself.

We offer the following academic programs: World Literature major, minor, extended minor, and honours; joint major in World Literature and History; joint major in World Literature and International Studies.  For information about these academic programs, please click here to see the Calendar

We also suggest consulting this list of recommended electives to supplement world literature courses and help with program planning. Given its emphasis on cross-cultural contact and exchange, World Literature complements many other disciplines with a similar global outlook.

The program's language of instruction is English, but students are strongly encouraged to enroll in languages courses and/or to study abroad.

For further information, please contact the academic advisor at worldlit@sfu.ca.

Careers with World Literature

A World Literature student is trained to read texts – and their contexts – carefully and closely; to write authoritatively and expressively; to think critically and creatively in a culturally complex world; and to communicate ideas effectively across different cultures. As a result, the World Literature graduate is especially well prepared for careers in international agencies and organizations, broadcasting, the arts, public relations, diplomacy, teaching, journalism, international law and library and information services, among others. Read more.

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