Directed Studies

Enrollment in a directed studies course enables a student to work with a faculty member on a reading or research project of mutual interest. Common reasons for a student requesting such a course include:

  • to develop or assess potential research interests
  • to continue a reading or research project begun in a 400 division seminar
  • to cover material not included in regular courses

To enroll in an independent study course, a student must obtain the agreement of a faculty member interested in the subject the student wishes to study (see faculty biographies).  The faculty member may or may not be able to supervise an independent study course. Details of the course should be worked out between the student and intended instructor by completing an Application Form. After the student and faculty member have completed and signed the form, please submit to the World Literature academic advisor.  If the application is approved by the World Literature director, the academic advsior will enrol and notify the student.

The individual study courses available are WL 340-1, WL 345-2, WL 350-3, WL 450-4, WL 460-4. 
For course descriptions, please see the Calendar.

Download the Application Form
The approved proposal must be submitted two weeks prior to the first day of classes.


Please note that WL Directed Studies courses are reserved for students who are declared in a World Literature program. Admission is by permission of both the Instructor and Director.