“ I reject the division between inner and outer worlds…

The landscape, I hold, is not a picture in the imagination, [nor] is it

an alien & formless substrate awaiting the imposition of human order ”

Tim INGOLD   Perception of the Environment  (2000: 191)


Proposal Deadline:                            Tuesday, March 12th
Conference Date:                                Wednesday, April 3rd, 4:00pm—6:00pm

WHAT DO WE MEAN BY “BEING IN PLACE?”  Being implies what is and what could be, but Place can be a fluid and confusing concept. In a world divided by complex and intersecting boundaries and borders, how does a feeling of “being in place” emerge within and beyond geographic, ideological, colonial, linguistic, psychological, or environmental boundaries? Is identity something that anchors us, or does it change as we move across different landscapes? This interdisciplinary conference seeks to discuss conflicting identities and to examine the relationship between peoples and their places.

We invite students of all faculties who have taken World Literature or relevant Arts and Social Sciences courses, to submit essays, projects, or presentations to this interdisciplinary conference. Like the previous year, we are pleased to welcome speakers from the French and First Nations Studies Departments, and invite them to present in French, English, or other languages. All submissions will be treated with equal attention and confidentiality. 

Speakers will have four minutes to present their paper. Submissions can either be brief proposals or abstracts of around 200 words, or short papers and extracts of around 500 words. At the conference students are invited to read a portion of an essay, speak from notes, offer a PowerPoint, or deliver a joint presentation.  We look forward to reading your responses to this year’s theme!


Each speaker will have four minutes to present their paper. Submissions can either be brief proposals or abstracts of around 200 words, or short papers of no more than 500 – 600 words. Make sure that your paper is no more than 500—600 words in length, or only present part of it at the conference.

Papers may be interdisciplinary in nature: read an essay, speak from notes, offer a PowerPoint, deliver a joint presentation. Don’t worry too much about the wording of our theme – be creative!

Proposal Deadline:  Tuesday, March 12th



Here is some inspiration in regards to topics & theses that past presenters have presented on. For inspiration regarding visuals, visit our FB page or our visual-submissions page!

If you have trouble coming up with a relevant topic or thesis, compare the following topics and theses to their respective conference themes. 

  • The Road No Longer Taken: Do Oral Stories Still Have a Place in the Modern World? (Rodman Joseph, 2018)
  • The Paradox of the Passions: The Artistic Neutering of LGBTQ+ Cinema (Karina Asaikpuka, 2018)
  • Traduction Intersémiotique et Censure Dans la Poésie Catalane (Liza Siamer, 2018)
  • The Refugee's Tale of Hope (Hanna Choi, 2018)
  • Making an ‘Other’: Native Americans in Civil War Westerns (Jasper Cattell, 2017)
  • Franz Kafka's The Metamorphosis: A tale of Freudian Regression (Jaiden Dembo, 2016)
  • Beyond Lonely Starbucks Lovers: Agency & Persona in Taylor Swift’s “Blank Space” Video (Melanie Hiepler, 2015)
  • Baudrillard’s Persona Simulacra: Investigating Richard III and In the Heart of the Country (Maya Gal, 2017)
  • Beyoncé and the Greeks: Using Femininity for Political Purposes (Brigitte Malana, 2016)
  • The Gardener & Garden: The Internalization of Man in Nietzsche's Genealogy of Morals (Elda Hajdaravoc, 2016)