WLSU Executive Role Descriptions


The President chairs Union meetings and assures that all Union business is moving according to plan and the WLSU Constitution. They are the first alternate student representative to university committees that the WLSU attends. The President is the spokesperson for the Union, and is the primary liaison between the Union and the Program, SFSS, and University. Finally, the President has signing power, and signs all formal Union correspondence.

Vice President of Events:

The VP of Events is responsible for planning, organizing, executing and monitoring all Union-sponsored social activities and events. They also assist in the promotion of Union activities, events and meetings, including classroom presentation coordinator and other means of communication. They also have an ear out for student input about the affairs of the Union and help to encourage student involvement.

Vice President of Operations:

The VP of Operations maintains Union records, including the minutes of the General Assembly, the Constitution, and other related documents. They record, reproduce, and distribute meeting minutes to members, and compile and maintain executive, representative and membership lists and contact information. Additionally, they assume the duties of the President should the President be unable or unwilling to carry them out, or should the Presidency becomes vacant.

SFSS Forum Representative:

The SFSS Forum Rep promotes the interests of the membership at SFSS Forum meetings. They liaise between the SFSS and the Union, and help ensure that the Union is in compliance with SFSS regulations. Additionally, they report on activities and initiatives of the SFSS Forum to the Union at meetings.


The Treasurer maintains all financial records of the Union, conducts both short and long term financial planning on behalf for the Union, and is responsible for all monies received and disbursed by the Union. They also have signing power over financial documents of the Union. Finally, the Treasurer typically carries this role throughout the Union, the World Literature Student Conference, and the Lyre Magazine.


Executive Administrator:

The Executive Administrator assists other Executives with special projects and initiatives, and uses Union resources to help sustain and expand the Union. They are additionally responsible for maintaining relevant documents for the Union. Finally, the role requires the building and maintenance of a strong network with General Assembly members as well as other DSUs.

Social Media Coordinator:

The Social Media Coordinator is responsible for the promotion of the Union on various social media endeavours. They are responsible for organizing and executing any online promotional campaigns for the Union. The Social Media Coordinator is in charge of the Union Facebook page. They must also work with the Social Media Coordinators of other DSUs and work on cross-promotional plans.

Lower Division Representative:

The Lower Division Representative seeks out feedback from first and second year students and passes it onto the Union so that it can ensure that Lower Division student needs are being met. They lead any initiatives geared towards first and second year students, and ensure events and meetings are inclusive.