Introduction to Negotiation

January 27, 2021

Negotiation is one of the most dreaded and important skill sets to have in your leadership repertoire. To be an effective negotiator, we have to first get comfortable with asking for things and then understand the mechanics and nuances of negotiations. This session is an introduction to these techniques and will give you a model to practice in your future negotiations.

This Online Special Topic will be led by a professional WinSETT facilitator and include discussion, self-reflection and experience-based learning. After participating in the 90 minute “Improving Your Negotiating Skills” you will be able to:

Become a strong and effective negotiator!

  1. Recognize gendered aspects of negotiation and how they impact negotiation outcomes and interactions
  2. Identify negotiating styles you might use during negotiations
  3. Practice collaborative negotiation best practices 
  4. Provide takeaway tools to help you successfully negotiate

This online learning opportunity is limited to 30 early career SETT participants (all genders). There must be a minimum number of attendees to proceed.

This online learning opportunity is made possible with the support of the NL Workforce Innovation Centre.

They have partnered with SOSitters to provide online babysitting for groups of six 4-8 year olds at the same time as your session. Your child(ren) will need access to their own device and it will be on Zoom. There is not charge for this for the pilot ($25 value).

Date: Jan 27, 2021