Science AL!VE Summer Camps

August 24, 2018

Science AL!VE is pleased to announce that registration for their summer camps is open February 1 at 9am.

At SFU Burnaby they offer a variety of camps, all of which strive to bring university level science to students in grades K-9. This year, each age category will offer multiplle uniquely themed camps, giving every camper the opportunity to participate in one or more weeks of Science AL!VE, without overlap. There are descriptions of the camps below.  

Date: Tuesday, July 3 - Friday, August 24
Cost: 5 day camps: $225
4 day camps: $180
5 day tech camps: $235
4 day tech camps: $188
Pre-care (7:30am-8:30am): $5/day
Post-care (3:30p,-5:30pm): $10/day
Location: SFU Burnaby
Register and more info: Here

Mini Scientists (Grades K-1)

Mini Scientists: Spectacular Space (Weeks: 1,4,5,8)

This Summer, in a new and exciting Mini Camp, our young astronauts will trek through the galaxies and learn about the wonders that lie beyond the planet we call home. Learn about planets, galaxies, stars and aerospace engineering! Join us for an experience that is out of this world! In Mini Spectacular Space camp, the sky is not the limit!

Mini Scientists: Under the Sea (Weeks: 2,3,6,7)

This summer, our Mini Scientists will have the opportunity to dive into the undersea world, and explore underwater formations, creatures, and different ocean environments! They will be totally hooked on the new things to sea!

Mini Scientists: Mini (Weeks: 2,3,6,7)

Venture into the colossal world of minuscule matter, with Mini Mini Camp! Zoom in and learn about everything miniature, from atoms and molecules to cells, germs and DNA!

Mini Scientists: Engineering (Weeks: 1,4,5,8)

Our Mini Engineers camp will provide an excellent introduction to buildings, structures, physics and shapes. It is never too early to learn about Engineering!

Quark (Grades 2-3)

Quark: Fantastic Forensics (Weeks: 1,4,7)

Fasten your seatbelts and join us in this Bill-Nye-meets-CSI fantastic world of forensics. Discover why DNA and fingerprints can be used to solve crimes and maybe even solve your very own Science AL!VE mystery.

Quark: QuarkBots (Weeks: 2,5,8)

In our Quarkbots Camp, campers will learn about robotics and how they are programmed.This camp is an introduction to programming, technology and computer science, and explores how robotics are used in all fields of STEM! Featuring exciting new robot tech, this camp is not one to miss! Watt are you waiting for? Sign up now!

Quark: Prehistoric Pathfinders (Weeks: 3,6)

Venture back into a time before time itself, when dinosaurs roamed the earth and beavers were the size of bears, with Quark Prehistoric Pathfinders! Excavate fossils, examine ancient species, and learn how to research like a paleontologist! This camp will show students that all fields of STEM are involved in the process of discovery, and that there is always more than meets the eye!

Electron (Grades 4-5)

Electron: LEGO Mindstorm (Weeks: 1,7)

What do you call the robot that takes the longest route? R2-Detour! Back by popular demand, join us for a brand new spin on our LEGO Mindstorms camp! Design, build, program and maneuver robots through a variety of tasks and challenges using our LEGO Mindstorm EV3 sets.

Electron: Exploration Nation (Week: 4)

Interested in science, but unsure where to begin? In electron Exploration Nation, campers will be transported into the world of STEM. With a different topic every day, campers can test the waters and learn everything from Aerodynamics to Zoology!

Tech (Grades 4-7)

Tech: BioTech (Weeks: 2,5,8)

In this brand new camp, delve into the science of Biomedical Engineering, with mentors in the field, and hands-on experience. Learn about prosthetics, and the latest advancements in medical technology. Campers can solve problems, design concepts, and share ideas in this fun and engaging camp! This combination of science and technology is an exciting introduction to applied sci!

Tech: Codemakers (Weeks: 3,6)

This summer, join us for a week of exploring programming and coding! Campers will explore cyberspace and adventure to a new technological dimension using a variety of technology. Although the name is the same, this camp will have brand new curriculum! Please note: students will not be learning a specific coding language and will instead be exploring computer science through visual programming.

Ion (Grades 6-7)

Ion: I-on Sci (Week: 1)

What is the best formula for slime? How far can I launch a potato? What is dirtier, a toilet seat or a cell phone? Answer your burning questions through science in our I-on Sci Camp!  In this week of DIY experiments, campers will plan, design, and conduct their very own experiments, and present the results in classic science conference style! Learn how to properly utilise and apply the scientific method, and communicate findings with the scientific community. A week of inquiry, innovation, inquisition, and imagination awaits!

Ion: LEGO Mechatronics (Week: 4)

Robot fans, this is the camp for you! The LEGO Mechatronics camp will introduce our scientists to the study of mechatronics and engineering. Using our LEGO Mindstorm EV3 kits, campers will build, program and test their creations through a range of challenges and tasks.

AL!VE Girls: A girls-only camp led by enthusiastic women in STEM

Junior (Grades K-2)

Senior (Grades 3-5)

AL!VE Girls Junior: Curie-ous Girls (Week: 2)

This Chemistry and Life Sciences themed camp will follow the lead of scientists such as Marie Curie, as campers will experiment and examine reactions! Our young scientists will be in their element, as they examine cells and other microscopic marvels, and investigate medical mysteries of the human body.

AL!VE Girls Senior: Innovation Station (Week: 5)

Imagine, design, innovate, and create in our brand new Innovation Station Girls Camp! A combination of engineering and technology, this exciting camp will challenge campers to build, solve problems, and explore the field of tomorrow’s STEM.

FAS Tech (Grades 6-9)

FAS Tech (Week: 7)

Back by popular demand our FAS Tech camp introduces our oldest campers to the wonderful world of robotics. Build and program a robot using our VEX robotics to complete a variety of tasks and challenges. Put your imagination to the test in this innovative camp!