WinSETT Leadership Workshop Series

April 12, 2018

The WinSETT Centre is presenting their professional development workshops in Victoria. These workshops are tailored primarily to early to mid-career women working in the traditionally male-dominated fields of science, engineering, technology and trades (SETT) but graduate students and upper undergraduates will also find them an incredibly valuable experience. The program has been developed by professionals based on the experiences of women in SETT and is grounded in research and practices that work.

Date Workshop Title
Feb 15-16, 2017 Becoming Leaders & Effective Communications
Mar 15-16, 2017 Emotional Intelligence & Negotiating for Success
April 12-13, 2017 Navigating Politics at Work & Networks, Mentors and Sponsors

Becoming Leaders & Effective Communications:

Day one will cover the core competencies of leadership, explore the positives and negatives associated with becoming a leader in SETT, and teach you how to apply proven leadership tips and strategies in your workplace. Day 2 will enable participants to become aware of different styles of communication, figure out their own communication style, strengths, and challenges, and learn about gender factors that affect communication.

Emotional Intelligence & Negotiating for Success:

Day one of the workshop will review, assess and develop participant competencies in the five areas of Emotional Intelligence: Self-awareness, Self-regulation, Motivation, Empathy and Social Skills. In day two of this workshop, participants will gain awareness of the many workplace situations in which negotiation takes place and learn about the underlying factors that can affect their personal effectiveness and outcomes of those negotiations.

Navigating Politics at Work & Networks, Mentors and Sponsors:

Day one of the workshop will help participants recognize the informal organization of the workplace, understand the networks of influence, and develop strategies to neutralize negative behaviours (yours and others’), and positively promote your ideas and career. In day two of this workshop, participants will learn the importance of professional networks, their context, how to develop and strengthen your networking skills, elegant positioning for advancement, and how to leverage your network in support of your career goals. The workshop will also describe the different kinds of mentors, coaches and sponsors and how to mutually benefit from those relationships.

Where: University of Victoria - Victoria, BC

Pricing: All Workshops
General Pricing $1075
Student Pricing $550

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For questions or more information, you can contact:
Susan Hollett
Leadership Program Coordinator
(709) 466-1373