Some areas of research

Various aspects of quantum gravity with concentration on the loop approach.

Quantum field effects in black holes.

Mathematics and mathematical physics.

Black hole interiors.

Higher dimensional space-times.

Detailed mathematical studies of the gravitational field equations.

Cauchy and boundary value problems in nonlinear field theory.

Modifications to Einstein gravity.

Torsion gravity and teleparallelism.

Relativistic particle, fluid and plasma mechanics, and nonlinear fields coupled to relativistic gravity,

Alternatives to black holes.

Topological boundary conditions in loop quantum gravity.

Lorentzian wormholes.

Some projects, experiencing various levels of attention: a discrete phase-space representation of relativistic quantum field theory, Loop quantum gravity, analytic models of gravitational collapse, ..?

Partial list of publications.

Book: The General Theory of Relativity: A Mathematical Exposition by A. Das and A. DeBenedictis .

In the media.

Some fun stuff not related to my research.

Personal home page (sporadically maintained).