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SFU Aikikai: Email List Information

The SFU Aikikai email list allows club members to send and receive important email messages regarding practice time changes and social annoucements. You should join if you become an SFU Aikikai member.

The SFU email list is under the name: (or if you are mailing using SFU's email system you can use sfu-aikikai without the "").

Joining/Leaving the SFU Aikikai Email List 

If you do not have an SFU email account see Problems section else:
      1. Click here to manage your SFU maillists - here you can subscribe to our clubs list
      2. Enter your name and password as you would do for checking your SFU email - do not hit enter afterward
      3. Click the cell to the left called "Manage your Mailing Lists"
      4. Use keyword "aikikai" or go to ""
      5. Click "Subscribe" and follow any further instructions - problems?

    Alternatively, you can manually use SFU fraser:

      1. Log onto Fraser and type: maillist
      2. Type your password at the request
      3. To join the list if not a member type: subscribe sfu-aikikai

      To remove yourself from the list type:

      1. Log onto Fraser and type:
      2. Type your password at the request
      3. Type: unsubscribe sfu-aikiai
SFU Aikikai Email List Problems

If you have any sfu-aikikai email list problems or do not have an SFU fraser login contact:

Glenn Chapman at

Some Useful Aikido Links: 

British Columbia Aikido Federation (BCAF) 

Canadian Aikido Federation (CAF) 
      - test requirements and glossary downloads

International Aikido Federation / Hombu Dojo

Aikido On-line

Aikido News

Aikido Today Magazine

AikiWeb: "The Source for Aikido Information"

There are several very good books about Aikido. The club has a good library of books and videos available to members. For more detailed information, try reading: 

The Spirit of Aikido
by Kisshomaru Ueshiba
Published in January 1988
by Kodansha American, Incorporated
ISBN - 0870118501
The Principles of Aikido
by Mitsugi Saotome

Published in January 1989
by Shambhala Publications, Incorporated
ISBN - 0877734097 

Remember -you will not learn how to do Aikido by reading a book.

Member webpages - learn what aikidoists do off the mats:

Glenn Chapman

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