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Dojo Schedule
Summer Training Schedule For Jan. 7, 2020 - Apr.  16, 2020

Evening Classes
(Spring 2020)
7:30-9:30 pm

Regular class

Central Gym*

Mike Sensei

7:30-9:30  pm

Regular class

Central Gym*

Mike Sensei

2:00-4:00 pm

No Spring class

Central Gym*

Mike Sensei

Dojo location: Simon Fraser University, East, Central, West Gym
Typical locations: for East Gym in south west corner, Central Gym south west end (near climbing wall) - behind curtains, West Gym: south side
* Occasionally regular classes are cancelled or rescheduled due to SFU events. Extra practices are usually available to SFU members - ask senior members.
NOTE:  Free week is Jan 14- 16

We welcome visitors from other dojos at all scheduled practices. Our drop-in fee is $3.00. Please note that you must be a registered with a home dojo.

Note to New People:

After completing enough practices (approx. 35 classes), and with permission from your instructor, students will be eligible practice at other dojos in Canada and participate in seminars. Once you are elidgable for your first test of rank there is an annual fee payable to cover membership to the BCAF and the CAF. This is in addition to the course fee.

What Do I Wear?

As a beginner you are welcome to wear jogging pants and a loose t-shirt for a term. However these items get damaged easily. The dogi, or gi, is the uniform that students wear during practice and is very durable and comfortable. A Karate-gi or more durable Judo-gi is preferred, and should be white or natural (unbleached). Shoes, jewellery and make-up are not worn on the mat. Sandals rather than street shoes are encouraged to and from change rooms.


Our Aikikai club follows the traditional Aikido kyu and dan system of ranking where only white and black belts are worn. The Aikido student begins with gokkyu (5th-kyu), and moves on in stages, eventually reaching ikkyu (1st-kyu). After passing a black belt test, a student is awarded the rank of shodan (first degree black belt) and becomes eligible for examination for advanced dan ranks.

Because Aikido is a classical martial art, tournaments (shiai) are non-existent. Instead, well-executed performance of the arts (techniques), the seriousness and diligence of the student during practice as well as the student's understanding of Aikido principles play a part in their overall advancement. 


Catagory Fees
SFU Student
SFU Staff & Non-SFU member $108/term
Drop-In $3/class
Please note that fees be paid and relevant forms signed before practicing

The SFU Aikikai Club is affiliated with:
the Vancouver Aikikai Society

the British Columbia Aikido Federation (BCAF)

the Canadian Aikido Federation and the International Aikido Federation, with headquarters in Japan (Hombu).


Our chief instructor in Canada is Yukio Kawahara Sensei, sent to Canada to represent and promote the growth of Aikikai clubs. Most of the advanced gradings are done by Kawahara Sensei.

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