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Ai-Ki-Do - The Way of Harmonizing KiCOURTESY

Domo arigato gozaimashita: "Thank you very much." This is said after practicing with your partner and at the end of class to sensei and with those you practiced with. Arigato gozaimashita is a less formal version.

Onegai shimasu: "Please show me/Please show me your favour." This is said when the class starts and before practicing with the Sensei or with other class members

Hai: "Yes" (acknowledgement) 

Sumi-masen: "I'm sorry", "Please excuse me."


uke: attacker
nage: defender
katate-tori: one handed grip on one wrist 
ryote-tori: two handed grip, one on each wrist 
morote-tori: two handed grip on one wrist 
ushiro-ryotekubi-tori: ryote-tori from behind the uke
mune-tori (mune-mochi): one handed grip on lapel 
kata-tori: one handed grip on a shoulder 
ryokata-tori: two handed grip, one on each shoulder 
ushiro-ryokata-tori: ryokata-tori from behind uke 
ushiro-ryokube-tori: same as ushiro-ryokata-tori but grip wrists
tsuki: straight punch 
sode-tori: one handed grip on one sleeve 
shomen-uchi: vertical strike to the center of the head with one handblade
yokomen-uchi: diagonal strike to the side of the head/neck with one handblade 
kata-tori men-uchi: one handed grip on one shoulder with shomen-uchi strike to the head
kata-tori yokomen-uchi: one handed grip on one shoulder with yokomen-uchi strike to the head
katatetori kubishime: one handed grip on one wrist combined with a neck choke from behind the uke 


ikkyo: arm immobilization 
nikyo: ikkyo with hand turning
sankyo: ikkyo with hand twisting 
yonkyo: ikkyo with pressure on wrist 
gokyo: variation of ikkyo (from knife attack)
irimi-nage: throw by entering (irimi) behind uke 
shiho-nage: four direction throw 
sumi-otoshi: corner drop 
kotegaeshi: palm turning 
kaiten-nage: rotation throw
koshi-nage: hip throw 
tenshi-nage: heaven and earth throw 
udekime-nage: arm-lock throw 
kokyu-nage: breath throw
juji-garami: crossed arm-lock throw 
aiki-otoshi: aiki drop 

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